Court asked to drop charges against Vladivostok ex-Mayor since no damage was done

Court asked to drop charges against Vladivostok ex-Mayor since no damage was done
Igor Pushkarev

Having read the case file, Dorogi Vladivostoka (Roads of Vladivostok) stated no damage had been done and asked the court to drop the abuse and payoff charges.

The company Dorogi Vladivostoka acting as the injured party in the case against ex-Mayor Igor Pushkarev, asked the court to stop the criminal prosecution of the ex-official and his alleged accomplices. As RIA Novosti reported having studied the case file, the company had concluded that Pushkarev's actions had done them no damage.

According to the investigation, Dorogi Vladivostoka acquired construction materials at inflated prices and in large quantities from Vostokcement Group, controlled by Vladivostok Mayor’s family members between 2009 and 2014. Igor Pushkarev secured some profitable deals for a bribe of 45 million rubles ($757.800) from his own brother Andrei Pushkarev. The enterprise lost 158 million rubles ($2.7m).

In addition, according to the investigation, between 2012 and 2014 Pushkarev gave at least 1.4 million rubles ($23.600) to Andrei Lushnikov, the Dorogi Vladivostoka director, as a bribe. In return, Lushnikov was to act in the interests of Pushkarev and Vostoktsement Group ensuring the building materials would be bought from their affiliated organizations to execute municipal contracts for the repair and maintenance of the Vladivostok roads.

Igor Pushkarev was arrested on June 1, 2016. He was charged with Abuse of Authority and Commercial Bribery, as well as Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale that was added later (part 6 of Art. 290; part 3 of Art. 285, item (a), part 2 of Art. 204 of Russian Criminal Code). A day later, the other person involved in the case was arrested: director of the city-owned Dorogi Vladivostoka, Andrei Lushnikov. He was charged with Bribery (part 3 of Art. 204 of the Criminal Code). Lushnikov spent the past year in jail.



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