Court announced break in hearings of case on embezzlement in Rosgranitsa

Court announced break in hearings of case on embezzlement in Rosgranitsa
Former Head of Rosgrantisa Dmitry Bezdelov

Defendants were given a term till 15 February to get acquainted with the materials after the consolidation of cases.

The Meshchansky Court of Moscow declared a break in hearing of the case on embezzlement in Rosgranitsa (The Federal Agency for the Development of the State Border Facilities of the Russian Federation) till February 15. It is supposed that in this time persons involved will get acquainted with materials after integration of two cases in one, correspondent of RIA Novosti from a court room reports.

During today’s hearing the defense petitioned  for returning of the case to the Prosecutor for rebrining a charge and observance of other procedural law of defendants. But the court refused to lawyers and announced a break till February 15 so that defendants will get acquainted with the criminal case files of each other.

Earlier, the court made the decision on consolidation of two cases on embezzlement of nearly half a billion rubles. The main person involved is former Head of Rosgranitsa Dmitry Bezdelov, who as investigation assumes, in 2009 created a criminal society with the assistance of the Head of the Directorate on a Construction and Operation of Objects of Rosgranitsa Federal State Institution Oleg Senkevich and Head of department of arrangement of objects of state border and administration of check points of Rosgranitsa Danila Vavilov. In four years defendants stole and legalized more than 490 million budget rubles allocated to Rosgranitsa for various needs.

Besides, Bezdelov’s deputy Boris Haytovich and a number of leading employees of Rosgranstroy and the CEOs of the controlled commercial organizations participated in collusion. Two persons involved were already sentenced to long imprisonment. Senkevich hid from the investigation and is now in federal search, materials concerning him are considered in absentia. Bezdelov was a long time absconded and only in April, 2016 was extradited to the Russian Federation from Italy.



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