Corrupt Mordovian official gets away with fine due to previous merits

Corrupt Mordovian official gets away with fine due to previous merits
Viktor Kedrov

Former Head of the Mordovia Treasury Viktor Kedrov, caught red-handed when taking a 1-million-ruble bribe ($17.3 thousand), gets away with a fine.

The Leninsky District Court of Saransk has convicted former Head of the Federal Treasury for the Republic of Mordovia, Viktor Kedrov. The court has found the ex-official guilty under part 3 of Art. 30 and part 3 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Attempt at swindling). 

According to the investigation, May 11 this year, 62-year-old Kedrov was caught red-handed by FSB officers when receiving the second part of the bribe, the total amount of which was 1 million rubles.

It was found that in spring, the official offered his friend businessman to get a grant of 5 million rubles ($86.8 thousand) to create a farm in exchange for a million rubles. At the same time, he had no influence whatsoever on the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Mordovia. Kedrov did not intend to help his friend and just wanted to earn extra money.

The businessman accepted the official's offer, while simultaneously ratting him out to law enforcers.

As a result, April 10, he transferred 400 thousand rubles ($6.9 thousand) to Kedrov, which the latter wanted to get "before leaving for health resort." The official requested that the second part of the bribe be delivered after he returned. As a result, FSB officers detained Kedrov May 11 when he was receiving 600 thousand rubles ($10.4 thousand) in the Baron Munchhausen restaurant.

It is noteworthy that the criminal case against him was not initiated over bribery, but over attempt at swindling. During the preliminary investigation, the official came clean and made a plea deal with the investigation. Hence, the court considered his case under a special procedure, taking into account all his awards and merits before the department and the government. As a result, the punishment he received included only a fine of 450 thousand rubles (7.8 thousand). The verdict has not yet entered into legal force and may be appealed.



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