Corrupt ex-official gets her seized apartment and $5.7mln back

Corrupt ex-official gets her seized apartment and $5.7mln back
Yevgeniya Vasilyeva

Former employee of the Ministry of Defense Yevgeniya Vasilyeva has got all of her arrested property back.

Military investigators decided to remove an attachment from the ex-official's real estate and finances.

As a result, Yevgeniya Vasilyeva, a defendant in the Oboronservis case, has received back six real estate items and 325 million rubles owned by her. The property includes an apartment in the house located in Molochny Pereulok, as well as a parking space. It is noteworthy that earlier she had already got 36 works of painters of 19-20 centuries back.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, in 2012, Yevgeniya Vasilyeva became a defendant in a corruption scandal of the Ministry of Defense, during which Head of the department Anatoly Serdyukov was dismissed.

In May 2015, the court sentenced the ex-official to 5 years in prison, finding her guilty of swindling. However, already on August 25, she was released on parole. It was found that she had caused 53-thousand-dollar (3-million-ruble) damage to the state by her fraudulent actions.

It should be noted that after the trial, the former official got into art; she recorded a solo track, released a volume of poems, and held an exhibition of her own paintings. Moreover, last year she became a student of the Faculty of Arts of Moscow State University.



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