IK-44 prisoners report tortures following case against head of Kuzbass Penitentiary Service 

IK-44 prisoners report tortures following case against head of Kuzbass Penitentiary Service
Konstantin Antonkin

A fraud case was opened against Head of the Russian Penitentiary Service Department in the Kemerovo region Konstantin Antonkin in August of 2017.

Antonkin was caught red-handed, according to Spokesperson of Za Prava Cheloveka (Russian 'For Human Rights') movement Yury Galle. However, he may get away with it.

May we remind you that Antonkin was bribed with a land with a country cottage, as reported earlier by the CrimeRussia.

Antonkin’s case has to do with reports of torturing and humiliation of correctional camp No. 44 (IK-44) inmates, according to the human rights activist. IK-44 is located in Belovo, Kemerovo region.

IK-44 inmates and their families repeatedly reported on inmates being humiliated in the prison, Yury Galle also added. They wrote joint letters to the Russian Investigative Committee and Prosecutor General’s Office and asked Russian Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights for help.

Four criminal cases were opened against IK-44 employees after they complained to Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika. The employees were charged with bribery. However, only unit commander Golovachev was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in medium-security prison.

"The department is a lawless mess," the human rights activist said. "These criminal cases are a drop in a bucket. At the same time, prosecutors do not give human rights activists information about these cases," Galle added.

"(They) resorted to every means available to obtain inmates’ signatures; people would smuggle them in their socks, but that is a story for another time. The Administration simply 'lost' many documents, or, in other words, destroyed them. The majority of signees were later transferred to the worst prisons all over Russia. Some people were beaten to the point of having kidney problems, others were handicapped. I heard one individual is in coma now. Some people later refused to acknowledge their signature. Obviously, they had been tortured into refusal. There is no doubt Antonkin authorized all of these," Yury Galle said.

Konstantin Nosarev had been Deputy Warden for Security and Field Work in the IK-44 until 2016. It was Nosarev who covered Kedr Special Forces unit soldiers who had kidnapped and beaten human rights activist Aleksey Dmitriev in 2013, according to the human rights activist, as quoted by the media. Dmitriev was working on a criminal case in which IK-5 prison (Kemerovo) public officials were involved; an inmate was killed in IK-5.

"Nosarev was dismissed from IK-5 after that. Later we found out this sadist was appointed the warden on another prison where he began committing his atrocities again," Yury Galle added.

The majority of instances of beating and torture can be traced back to the so-called 'discipline and order groups', according to the human rights activist. Such groups consist of 'activists' – i.e. inmates whom prisons administrations give a lot of supervisory and executive authority.

Such groups continue operating despite them having been outlawed in Russia in early 2010. For example, IK-44 inmates wrote in a joint letter they have such activists; they can beat any inmate for complaining about IK-44 employees and prohibit simply coming near the mailbox.

An inmate’s wife complained about her husband Roman Malyutin being beaten to death by IK-44 employees in January 2016. It is worth mentioning that the beaten man was left unconscious without medical help in a hallway for several hours. He was taken to city hospital eventually. He died in intensive care unit without regaining consciousness. It is worth mentioning that his family was notified by the hospital, not the prison.

Aleksandr Shtoyko replaced Nosarev as the IK-44 Deputy Warden for Security and Field Work in June of 2016.

Two criminal cases were opened against Shtoyko, according to Yury Galle. One of the cases had to do with corruption and beating of inmate Denis Gazutdinov. However, he has not been dismissed. As for the second criminal case, it was opened after recordings of his conversation with inmate Dmitry Kurasov were published on the Internet. Dmitry Kurasov was responsible for construction of barracks in the prison. The recordings captured Shtoyko talking about extorting money from inmates.

Moreover, Dmitry Kurasov uploaded a video message about corruption in the prison. "He tried to explain this sadist (Shtoyko) the barracks that had to be built using garbage could collapse any time. Kurasov is a construction professional. He did not want to be a part of this future murder. As for Shtoyko, he did not care; dead bodies are a normal thing in this prison. I alone know of seven such cases in the last year and a half," Yury Galle emphasized.

Dmitry Kurasov and Natsaev who supported him have been in solitary confinement for the last 6 months. It is worth mentioning that human rights activists cannot contact them.

Maksim Sapko extorted money from inmates before Kurasov. However, he was sent into solitary confinement cell after he got into an argument with the IK-44 Administration and Shtoyko. He was found dead the next day. Kurasov’s life may be in jeopardy as well, according to Yury Galle.

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