Convicted ex-Deputy Governor Gamburg pays 7.5 million of compensation to Omsk in cash

Convicted ex-Deputy Governor Gamburg pays 7.5 million of compensation to Omsk in cash
Yuri Gamburg

This is the amount the City Administration has demanded from the former official, who is currently serving his sentence for fraud with the land.

The former Deputy Governor of the Omsk Region Yuri Gamburg, who currently remains in prison, has reimbursed the state for the damage caused by illegal alienation of land, for which he was sentenced to 5.5 years in June 2016.

The Kirovsky District Court took the side of the Omsk Administration and ruled to collect 7.450.500 rubles from Gamburg on account of pecuniary damage caused by the former official.

The press service of the Court Bailiffs Service of the Omsk Region explained that a claim had been initiated against Gamburg under Art. 44 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which had included seven criminal episodes on alienation of land in the village of Chukreevka with specific amounts of damage. Kirovsky District Court fulfilled the claim. The record states that from 2008 to 2012, being the Head of the Department of Property Relations of Omsk, Gamburg illegally sold 24 plots of land with a total area of 5.5 hectares for homesteading at obviously low price and another plot in the area of ​​residential development.

According to reports by Omsk media, the money were paid on the day when the writ of execution was received by the Department of Court Bailiffs in the Kirov district of Omsk. It is reported that Gamburg’s representative fully repaid the debt in cash in the local office of the Bailiffs Service.

Yuri Gamburg was convicted in June 2016 under part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (Exceeding Official Powers with serious consequences). According to investigators, as director of the Department of Property Relations of the Omsk Mayor’s Office, together with his deputy Vadim Merenkov, Gamburg changed the type of permitted use of land in the city, and then sold them at understate price.

Law enforcers estimated the damages caused by fraud at 200 million rubles (at first, 400 million rubles). The second defendants in the case, Vadim Merenkov, managed to escape from the hospital where he was treated. After that, the accused was put on the federal and then on the international wanted list. In early October, Merenkov voluntarily surrendered to the investigators. On October 7, at the appeal proceeding of Gamburg’s lawyers, he was questioned in court as a witness.



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