Convicted banker Pyotr Chuvilin was first to testify against Zakharchenko

Convicted banker Pyotr Chuvilin was first to testify against Zakharchenko
Pyotr Chuvilin

Banker Pyotr Chuvilin, who had been convicted for fraud in April 2016 and is currently serving his sentence in a penal colony, has been the first to testify against the former Acting Head of the Department T at the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption Dmitry Zakharchenko.

According to Rosbalt, referring to a source at the law enforcement authorities, Chuvilin has known Zakharchenko for 9 years; during part of this period, he used to pay the colonel a certain amount of money on a monthly basis for protection and security on the MIA's part.

In addition, Chuvilin has told about the possible financial amounts passing through Zakharchenko.

The news agency's source has reported that it has taken a long time to verify this operational information, but investigators' work has resulted in detention of the Acting Head of the Department T of the General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption.

The director and president of a number of Moscow banks, including Inkredbank and STB, and the former Director General of the Spartak hockey club Pyotr Chuvilin had been arrested by FSB in late 2014 for fraud; later the investigation proved that Chuvilin volunteered to solve problems with the Central Bank of a credit institution controlled by banker Oleg Kuzmin in exchange for 5 million dollars.

Moreover, the ICR has suspected Chuvilin of instigating a murder attempt at Banker Aleksandr Antonov and the Hero of the Russian Federation Ruslan Yamadaev, as well as of several episodes of fraud against former partners.

A CrimeRussia's source has earlier reported that FSB officers had been sussing Zakharchenko for several different cases, including the case of perennial embezzlement in the Russian Railways, covered by the former Head of the Department T, and the fact that the materials against the colonel have been enough to arrest him a few months ago.

Pyotr Chuvilin has also been involved in fraud operations within the Russian Railways; in particular, the federal rail carrier has been an important corporate client of STB Bank owned by Chuvilin, on the bank account in which more than 1 billion dollars of the Russian Railways' assets has been stored.

According to the CrimeRussia's source, the Colonel Zakharchenko has been an influential rainmaker, involved in a number of high-profile criminal cases. September 10, the main defendant in Shakro Molodoy's case, designer Fatima Misikova also testified against Zakharchenko; the information she provided makes the colonel's fault in an official crime evident, since it had been him who had helped her abscond by warning of the impending arrest.



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