Condemned for fraud ex-chief of Perm region Penitentiary Service got new charges

Condemned for fraud ex-chief of Perm region Penitentiary Service got new charges
Alexander Sokolov

Former Head of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (FSIN) of Russia in the Perm region Alexander Sokolov, convicted for 5 years for fraud, is convicted of bribes with collectors' coins and tourpubs.⁠

Former General Sokolov is charged with bribery on an especially large scale. According to the regional ICR, in 2012 and 2013, Alexander Sokolov received several 'gifts' from the Perm businessman, including three certificates for tourist vouchers worth a total of 400 thousand rubles ($6900) and two collectible coins of silver, weighing 1 kg and 3 kg. In exchange, Sokolov contributed to the fact that the entrepreneur received a contract for the supply of his products in the colony. At the same time, the supplier was not very conscientious and supplied margarine instead of butter. Later, he confessed everything and gave confidences against Sokolov.

In addition, Sokolov received a plot of land with an area of ​​0.5 hectares from the deputy head of the administration of one of the rural settlements of the region. The market value of such a site is 1.2 million rubles ($20.700). The former subordinate of Sokolov, ex-chief of the IK-29 Andrey Lesnichy, acted as a mediator in obtaining a bribe. A criminal case was also initiated against him.

During the investigation, law enforcement agencies seized Sokolov's land, and confiscated the collectors' coins.

Soon this criminal case with the approved indictment will be submitted to the court for further consideration on the merits.

It should be noted that at present Alexander Sokolov is already serving his sentence in prison for another crime. In 2016, the Dorogomilovskiy District Court of Moscow issued convictions to Sokolov and his deputy Oleg Babenko, as well as to businessman Vladimir Mokhovy. As it was established in court, Sokolov and Babenko received 300 thousand dollar-bribe from Mokhovoy, promising that they will protect the entrepreneur from his former business partner serving time in one of the Perm prisons.

Sokolov and Babenko then received 5 years in prison, Mokhovoy - 4.5 years in prison. In addition, Sokolov and Babenko were demoted: the first was deprived of the rank of Lieutenant-General, the second - the rank of Colonel.



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