Communist living in cabin 

Communist living in cabin

Natalia Eremeytseva, the former Deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, always emphasizes her closeness to ordinary people by telling stories about her mortgaged apartment. It turned out, however, that an expensive dolce vita is hidden behind the proletarian frontage.

Luxury poverty

Natalia Eremeytseva, one of the most popular figures in the Moscow branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), has not got a chair in the 6th convocation of the Moscow Regional Duma. Eremeytseva blames mass violations during the voting in her native election district № 127. 

Eremeytseva has lost the elections for the first time in a pretty long period – the active communist had been a Deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma since 2007. During this time she has gained not only the political capital. Her image of a ‘true representative of the public’ allowed her to be elected to the regional parliament twice. The tax declaration of Natalia Eremeytseva looks pretty modesty in comparison with her colleagues: an apartment with the living space of 86 square meters, a domestic Lada-Kalina car, and 4 million rubles of annual income. In her interviews, Eremeytseva laments the mortgage she had to take – which makes her even closer to ordinary people. However, there are certain contradictions in this ideologically perfect image.

According to Eremeytseva, in order to purchase a new apartment in Skhodnya, her family had to sell their existing apartment and take a mortgage loan to pay for renovations. The living space in their new residence is only 2 square meters larger than in the old one. So what kind of renovations are they making if the combined annual incomes of Natalia Nikolaevna (4 million rubles) and her husband (some 1 million rubles) are not sufficient to cover the cost of works? Obscure doubts of her political opponents have suddenly been confirmed in the most surprising way. While the rivals were figuring out real estate prices in the Moscow region, a humble condo belonging to Eremeytseva has popped-up in Bulgaria.

Право собственности Натальи Еремейцевой

Documents confirming the ownership of Eremeytseva on the property in Burgas 

The condo is located in one of the most popular Bulgarian resorts – Burgas – and is a part of a luxury residential complex. Its living space is 740 square meters – apparently, Eremeytseva got bored with the proletarian asceticism. The nearby sea beach, spa center, and other dolce vita elements help her to switch off from the stressful Moscow living. At the time of purchase (2010), the cost of this property was €925 thousand.

Вид на элитный жилкомплекс 

The luxury residential complex where the condo of Eremeytseva is located 

Underground millionairess

The communist lady could continue living her double life forever, but once-friendly Bulgaria, whose asset registry is available to public, has ruined her plans. It is quite possible that the scandal around the Bulgarian real estate was the main reason behind the loss of Eremeytseva at the recent elections. In addition, shortly before the elections, Eremeytseva became involved into another corruption scandal explaining the origin of the bourgeois superfluity. 

Quite recently Eremeytseva was holding up to shame officials having offshore companies and other unearned incomes. At the same time, her own family has acquired a firm in Cyprus. KOZHINO LIMITED is registered in the name of Ignatiy Eremeytsev, son of Natalia. The offshore company of the Eremeytsev family became known to the public not thanks to meticulous journalists – but because of a dubious business project of the family striving for social justice.

Выписка из публичного реестра компаний Кипра

Extract from the public register of Cypriot companies 

It turned out that concurrently with the building of Communism, the Eremeytsev family was building low-rise residential real estate. A few years ago, construction of Lastochkino residential complex was announced in the native for Natalia Eremeytseva town of Shelkovo – in a scenic area on the bank of the Klyazma River. KR Razvitie (KR Development) company was the developer. Its owner was KOZHINO LIMITED – a Cypriot offshore company. Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with this – because Ignatiy Eremeytsev is not a Deputy. But why the Eremeytsev family is concealing – with an art worthy of a better cause – both the business and foreign real estate? Perhaps, they believe that their incomes are unearned as well? Especially taking that Lastochkino residential complex still hasn’t been completed? Three homes – erected back in 2013 – stand lonely on the bank of the Klyazma River. Since then, KR Razvitie was included into the register of troubled developers and later – mysteriously removed from it – although the construction was not resumed.

Малоэтажный ЖК «Ласточкино»

Current condition of Lastochkino low-rise residential complex 

Ironically, Natalia Eremeytseva is positioning herself as an uncompromising defender of defrauded interest-holders. She uses this theme to sharpen her journalist skills. For example, according to Eremeytseva, only greed prevents the developer of a residential complex in Losino-Pertrovskoe from completing the construction project. The communist recommends him to follow the example of Michael Bloomberg. No one knows whether Natalia Eremeytseva pointed at Michael Bloomberg as an example for her son Ignatiy.

From the other side, the Russian bureaucracy has always been using double morals – and the underground millionairess Natalia Eremeytseva would, most probably, retain both her wealth, happiness, and freedom.



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