Colonel Zakharchenko's family escaped from Moscow immediately after his arrest

Colonel Zakharchenko's family escaped from Moscow immediately after his arrest
Photo: Gennady Gulyaev / Kommersant

In the near future, relatives will be questioned, moreover, 8.5 billion rubles have been found in the apartment of the policeman sister.

The family of the detained Acting Head of the Department T of the GUEBiPK Interior Ministry Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko escaped from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don immediately after the arrest of the Colonel. Zakharchenko relatives had immediately left for Rostov-on-Don in order to avoid the interrogation as a witness, a source told to Life.

Victor Zakharchenko – the Colonel’s father, who was found an apartment for 400 million rubles in the RC Barkli Plaza, left on the day of the arrest of his son – on 10th September. A man bought a ticket on the train and went to Rostov-on-Don. A law enforcement source said that Viktor Zakharchenko tried to fly back in the day of searches – on 8th September, but at the last moment changed his mind for some reason.

By the train from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don his mother Valentina Zakharchenko and sister of the Colonel Irina also went away. For what reason relatives decided to leave Moscow by trains the source did not reported.

At the moment, Irina and Valentina Zakharchenko stayed in the cottage in Rostov-on-Don, which area is ​​1500 squares, and his father lives in a village near Rostov in Millerovskiy district. Note that Zakharchenko parents are divorced.

According to the source, relatives of the Colonel will be questioned in the near future. The interrogation of Irina, in whose apartment it was found 8.5 billion rubles, will be held in the coming days.

Earlier, it became known that that members of the Zakharchenko family ride on cars of luxury brands Lexus and Mercedes Benz. The most expensive of them is Mercedes GLS500 - 9 million rubles – is owned by a 45-year-old unemployed Colonel sister Irina. Also, she has to use the SUV Lexus GX460, worth 5 million rubles, and an unidentified Hyundai car models. 63-year-old Zakharchenko father owns car Mercedes-Benz ML 400 4MATIC for 4 million rubles. the Colonel’s ex-wife Marina S. are registered Mercedes-Benz ML 400 4MATIC and the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid. In total, they cost about 8 million rubles.

Rosbalt also found Zakharchenko relatives several accounts in foreign banks, the amount of deposits on which is about 300 million euros. The ICR did not comment on this information, but stressed that there is only 8.5 billion arrested rubles in the case. The Colonel denies immixture to the money.

Recall that Dmitry Zakharchenko was arrested for two months by the court. He is accused of Obstruction of Carrying out of Justice and of Preliminary Investigations (Article 294), Abuse of Official Powers (Article 285) and Bribe-Taking (Article 290)



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