Colonel Zakharchenko: they tell witnesses to frame me in return for freedom

Colonel Zakharchenko: they tell witnesses to frame me in return for freedom
Dmitry Zakharchenko, the former head of anti-corruption department T of Russuan Ministry of Internal Affairs Photo: RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresensky

In court, the ex-policeman said there were attempts to get evidence against him.

Dmitry Zakharchenko, the former Head of the MIA GUEBiPK, Department T, said the FSB are putting pressure on Larisa Marchukova, the sister of Nota-Bank's CFO, trying to get evidence against him.

"They are pressurizing Marchukova and others saying they should testify against me and promising freedom in return," said Zakharchenko at the Moscow City Court hearing. He referred to a statement she had allegedly written, a copy of which his lawyers showed him.

Larisa Marchukova and her sister Galina (Nota-Bank's CFO) are in custody in the case of 26-billion-ruble withdrawal from the credit institution.

Zakharchenko, according to investigators, warned the bank's managers of the upcoming raids and detentions in return for 35 million rubles.

Besides, according to the case file, the colonel received a bribe from a businessman Anatoly Pshegornitsky, helped Mikhail Slobodin involved in the Renova case and Fatima Misikova, the key witness in the case of a shootout near Elements restaurant to abscond from justice. The equivalent of about 8.5 billion rubles in various currencies was found in his sister's apartment during a search.

Zakharchenko was officially charged with Bribe-Taking, Abuse of Official Powers and Obstruction of Preliminary Investigation (Art. 290, 285 and 294 of the Criminal Code).

Earlier, the ex-policeman accused the FSB of pressure on both the court and the investigators and said the whole investigation process was an outrage. He also asked to release him and place under house arrest instead, but the term was extended until March 8, 2017. Zakharchenko's defense tried to appeal the decision this morning, yet the Moscow City Court found the verdict passed by the lower court legitimate and left the colonel behind the bars



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