Colonel Zakharchenko starts opening up about seized billions after his civil wife detained

Colonel Zakharchenko starts opening up about seized billions after his civil wife detained
Dmitry Zakharchenko

The ex-policeman agreed to cooperate with investigators after his civil wife Pestrikova had been detained.⁠

Former employee of the Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption (GUEBiPK) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Zakharchenko, began to give testimony about sources of origin of $120 million and 2 million euros seized in an apartment connected to him. As reported by Rosbalt with reference to sources, the Colonel of the police decided to cooperate with the investigation. It happened after his civil wife Anastasiya Pestrikova had been detained. She was literally taken off the plane at the Samara airport on September 28, from where she tried to fly to Cyprus. She became a defendant in a criminal swindling case. On October 3, the Moscow Basmanny Court refused to arrest Pestrikova.

Earlier, according to the source, Dmitry Zakharchenko refused to give evidence whatsoever, referring to Art. 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Then, in July, he began to share certain information with the investigators, but they were not satisfied with its scope and quality. Now he agreed to global cooperation and is already giving testimony about the sources of origin of the money found in the sister's apartment. Besides, he shares information about companies, banks, and persons, with which he closely cooperated. Now all this information is being verified. "If they find confirmations, then in the near future Zakharchenko’s case may experience very interesting and unexpected twists," the agency's interlocutor noted.

The name of Anastasiya Pestrikova first sounded in connection with Colonel Zakharchenko in the Moscow City Court in May 2017, where she acted as a witness. Then the woman claimed that she owned $ 16 million, previously seized in the case of Zakharchenko in the accounts of some Liliya Gorshkova in VTB 24, when the Colonel's lawyers tried to protest the arrest. This was confirmed by Liliya Gorshkova, and Pestrikova herself stated that the money belonged to her father, who is a businessman. According to the investigation, Pestrikova received money from Zakharchenko some time before his detention, when the Colonel already felt the threat looming over him. He himself strongly denies this.

Later, the property of Anastasiya Pestrikova, raising a child from Dmitry Zakharchenko, turned out to include luxurious apartments in Efremova Street in Moscow worth 150 million rubles ($2.6m), which Zakharchenko gave her shortly before his arrest.

According to media reports, previously Dmitry Zakharchenko also provided luxury apartments for his first civil wife Marina Semynina (apartments for 250 million rubles ($4.3m), and for the former official spouse Yana Saratovtseva, whom he gave an apartment worth 85 million rubles ($1.4m).

MIA Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko was detained during a special operation of the FSB on September 9, 2016. During searches in his car, office and apartments belonging to his family, at least 8.5 billion rubles ($147.3m) were seized, mostly in foreign currency. In mid-September, Zakharchenko was charged under three articles of the Criminal Code – 285 (Abuse of Official Powers), 290 (Bribe-Taking) and 294 (Obstruction of Carrying Out of Justice and of Preliminary Investigations).



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