Colonel Zakharchenko’s wife to sue Federal Bailiff Service for damage to seized Porsche Cayenne

Colonel Zakharchenko’s wife to sue Federal Bailiff Service for damage to seized Porsche Cayenne
Marina Semynina

The lawyer of Marina Semynina, the civil-law wife of former Acting Head of the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption (GUEBiPK) Department ‘T’ Dmitry Zakharchenko, who is accused of a number of corruption crimes, intends to sue the officers of the Federal Bailiff Service.

According to RAPSI referring to lawyer Aleksandr Karabanov, the suit concerns deliberate damage to Semynina’s property at the time of its seizure.

According to the publication, on June 8, when enforcing the decision of the Nikulinsky Court of Moscow on the suit of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, the bailiffs began to seize the property of Colonel Zakharchenko’s family members.

Karabanov noted that he and his client were ready for the actions of the Federal Bailiff Service employees in accordance with the court decision, however, they were outraged by the very method of seizure.

In the lawyer’s words, “the bailiff performed the seizure in the most atrocious way.” In particular, when seizing Porsche Cayenne, Karabanov noted, they towed the car from the parking lot, which can lead to significant damage to the gearbox. As a result of such treatment, the car will be auctioned at a lower starting cost, thus bringing less money to the state, Marina Semynina’s defense explained.

Aleksandr Karabanov told the publication that the bailiffs also intend to seize the second car of Dmitry Zakharchenko's civil-law wife, which is currently in Rostov-on-Don. Their next step will be the eviction of Zakharchenko’s family members from expensive apartments, one of which is located on Ostozhenka.

In December 2017, the Nikulinsky Court of Moscow granted the claim of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation about the forfeiture of money and property of Colonel Zakharchenko’s family in the amount of 9 billion rubles ($142.49 million) by the State. In addition to 27 items of property in the form of apartments and parking spaces in the elite areas of Moscow, the list of property to be seized included several cars, about 8 billion rubles ($126.66 million) in various currencies, and a gold bar. Apart from Dmitry Zakharchenko and Marina Semynina, the defendants in the case are the colonel’s father and mother, Viktor and Valentina Zakharchenko, his sister Irina Razgonova, civil-law wives Anastasiya Pestrikova and Irina Petrushina, Pestrikova’s relative Liliya Gorshkova, the colonel's ex-official wife Yana Saratovtseva, and her mother. In March 2018, the Moscow City Court found the Nikulinsky Court's decision lawful.

Former Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dmitry Zakharchenko, has been in custody on charges of Bribe-Taking (part 6 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Obstruction of the Administration of Justice (part 3 of Art. 294) since September 2016. He has not pleaded guilty. In late May, the Moscow City Court extended Dmitry Zakharchenko’s detention until August 8.



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