Colonel Zakharchenko’s friend received $3 thousand in fines for confiscated car

Colonel Zakharchenko’s friend received $3 thousand in fines for confiscated car
Marina Semynina

A foreign car sold at auction was not re-registered with a new owner.

Marina Semynina, a friend of “billionaire Colonel” Dmitry Zakharchenko, who had a Mercedes confiscated in 2018 as part of a criminal case, received fines for violating traffic rules for 200 thousand rubles ($3 thousand), MBKh-Media reports. The car allegedly sold at auction in April 2019 was not re-registered with the new owner. The new owner of the car drives on the wrong side of the road, knowing that fines do not come to him.

The publication notes that no trading results appeared on website within the prescribed period. However, after the alleged auction, Semynina began to receive notifications of traffic violations and fines. In just two months, the new owner of the car violated the rules 127 times. The amount of fines for this amounted to more than 200 thousand rubles ($3 thousand).

In the spring of 2019, Semynina’s lawyers appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Presidential Administration of Russia with a report on corruption. After that, the trading results were published. The auction was held on April 23, but a message on its results appeared on June 26. The new owner of Mercedes was Premier LLC represented by its CEO Alexander Mitroshin.

The footage from CCTV cameras that recorded violations show that either a man with a black beard or a girl was behind the wheel of the car. Sources of MBKh-Media from Zakharchenko's circle found out that the driver was most likely Artur Sarkisyan. Until May 2019, Premier LLC belonged to his brother, Artashes Sarkisyan. According to the SPARK database, later the company's owner and CEO changed. Mitroshin now holds the post of General Director of Maximum LLC, also owned by Artashes Sarkisyan.

According to SPARK, Sarkisyan has another company - Systems and Communications LLC, which regularly receives contracts for the repair and supply of computers for government agencies. In 2018, Systems and Communications got contracts for 299 million rubles ($4.5 m), and a year earlier - for 3.7 billion rubles ($56.5 m). Among its customers are Russian Post, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Defense, Rostelecom and the Moscow Innovation Agency.

It is reported that on July 11, the Ministry of Defense included Systems and Communications LLC in the register of unscrupulous contractors for evading the conclusion of an agreement. According to the results of the closed auction, the company was supposed to receive 33.5 million rubles ($513.3 thousand) from the department for the “current repair of the Ministry of Defense buildings,” however it did not conclude this contract.

The publication notes that financial company Capital Invest LLC, which organizes tenders for the Federal Property Management Agency, has already been convicted of selling state property at a reduced price. In 2018, the Audit Chamber revealed irregularities in the work of the Novosibirsk Territorial Administration of the Federal Property Management Agency, which sold 13 cars for 1.69 million rubles ($25.8 thousand), and an employee of Astreya LLC became the buyer in part of auctions. This company acted as the organizer of the auction, and the other organizer was Capital-Invest. During the audit, it turned out that the organizers of the auction turned to appraisers who deliberately underestimated the value of the property, and during the auction reduced it even more, without publishing information about it. Thus, property was sold to their people at a lower cost.

Semynina’s car was sold for 3.7 million rubles ($56.6 thousand) with the initial price of 5.4 million rubles ($82.7 thousand). At the same time, the new Mercedes of such a model costs more than 11 million rubles ($168.5 thousand), and in the secondary market it costs about 6 million rubles ($91.9 thousand). Thus, the new owner received the car three times cheaper than the new one, and then 'saved' on fines not registering it.

According to the Zakharchenko's lawyer, Valeriya Tunikova, it was the buyer who had to re-register the car. If he did not do it, the territorial administration of the Federal Property Management Agency and bailiffs should have begun to act. Since no one has done this, the new owner does not have a vehicle passport, certificate of registration, or compulsory third-party liability insurance policy, journalists say.




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