Colonel Zakharchenko resents sentence requested for him

Colonel Zakharchenko resents sentence requested for him
Dmitry Zakharchenko

Zakharchenko says he does not understand “where this sentence comes from.”

On Monday, the Presnensky Court of Moscow continued to hear the debate of the parties in the case against ex-officer of the MIA Anti-Corruption Directorate, Dmitry Zakharchenko. The CrimeRussia has repeatedly reported that the billionaire colonel is accused of Bribe-Taking and Obstruction of Carrying out of Justice.

Today, Zakharchenko delivered a speech at the trial. He said he resented the sentence the Prosecutor's Office had demanded for him, namely, 15.5 years in a colony. 

“It seems that the prosecutor was listening to this song by Buzova, ‘The halves are too few,’ when taking the decision on the sentence. 15 and a half years! I don't where this sentence comes from. All evidence suggests otherwise,” he said. 

Previously, Zakharchenko suggested that the judge personally go to the restaurant where, according to investigators, he met with a restaurateur from whom he extorted a bribe. The colonel claims that the witness's description of the institution is not true. Moreover, Zakharchenko advised the judge not to order anything there, because he was worried about her health. 

In addition to 15.5 years of the strict regime colony, the Prosecutor's Office requested a fine of 494 million rubles ($7.65 million) for the corrupt colonel. 

“The fight against corruption was entrusted to a well-known corrupt official who was more concerned about personal enrichment than about this fight,” Federal Prosecutor Milana Digaeva said. 

It should be added that the searches at Zakharchenko's place and at the place of residence of his relatives had revealed about 9 billion rubles ($139.5 million) in various currencies.



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