Colonel Zakharchenko accused FSB of psychological pressure

Colonel Zakharchenko accused FSB of psychological pressure

The investigation against Zakharchenko was initiated by the Head of the Department M of the FSB Sergey Alpatov. His Department is also involved in the investigation of Shakro Molodoy's case and accused of taking a bribe from him ICR employees.⁠

Arrested on charges of abuse of official power and bribe-taking, the Acting Head of the Department T of the GUEBiPK Dmitry Zakharchenko accused the FSB structures, dealing with his case, on bringing pressure on him. Yesterday, in the Moscow City Court the Colonel defense requested for a change a measure of restraint on house arrest. The court did not grante the petition, despite the fact that the defendant has expressed a desire to cooperate with the investigation.

Also yesterday, it became known that the investigation against the Colonel Zakharchenko was initiated tthe Head of the Department M of the FSB Sergey Alpatov, whose agency investigates corruption in law enforcement bodies.

"The Department M is omnipotent, his staff forced a decision against me, I see it objectively. Now they are trying to bring press on me. They want me to be slandered not only myself, but also specific individuals,"- said Dmitry Zakharchenko, without naming names of those who, in his opinion, he should be stipulated.

As previously reported the CrimeRussia, the staff of the Department M are investigating recently other high-profile cases. They are also investigating the case of the kingpin Shakro Molodoy and accused of taking bribes from him senior investigators of the ICR Maksimenko, Lamonov and Nikandrov.

Earlier, Dmitry Zakharchenko said that he was “took under the position". The fault of taking bribes and abuse of official powers the Colonel does not recognize.



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