Colonel Timchenko's accomplices to remain in custody until February 7 

Colonel Timchenko's accomplices to remain in custody until February 7
Sergey Zinovenko in court

The previously mentioned Smolninsky Distrcit Court, which had arrested Chief of the Department no. 17 Zapad of the Russian MIA Internal Security Department Yury Timchenko for two months, has elected a preventive measure against the businessmen Konstantin Marchenkov and Sergey Zinovenko.

On the investigation's application, the court has given Marchenkov and Zinovenko into custody until February 7.

They are suspected of Mediation in Bribery (part 4 of Art. 291.1 of the Russian Criminal Code).

As noted by Delovoy Peterburg, the business of both entrepreneurs has been linked with Delovye Linii's activities. Thus, Marchenkov is a Director General of Info-Servis, specializing in the production of advertising structures, which have been supplied by the aforementioned company. 


Sergey Zinovenko in court

Zinovenko used to be in charge of Zinovenko i partnery (Zinovenko and partners) law office, which engaged in legal support of the carrier.


FSB officers detained Marchenkov and Zinovenko red-handed on December 8 on the territory of the underground parking of the SEC Gallery, St. Petersburg.

The detention took place at the time of transfer of a dummy bundle of money amounting to 50 million rubles, intended for Colonel Timchenko, by a representative of Delovye Linii. The Colonel demanded 100 million rubles from the company in exchange for assistance in removing  distrait of accounts and terminating the case on non-payment of taxes.



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