Colonel Cherkalin spoke with gold watch man and Sicily property woman before arrest

Colonel Cherkalin spoke with gold watch man and Sicily property woman before arrest
Kirill Cherkalin in court

Investigators are studying the immediate circle of the former head of the banking department of the FSB’s K Directorate.

Before the arrest, the former head of the banking department of the FSB’s K Directorate, Colonel Kirill Cherkalin, had spoken with a high-ranking investigator who owned real estate in Sicily, as well as with a colleague, who was reportedly wearing a Patek Philippe, a luxury Swiss watch. Rosbalt reports the news citing its sources in the special services.

According to the agency sources, as Cherkalin was under FSB surveillance before the arrest, a high-ranking police investigator from one of the Moscow districts got the operatives’ attention. It was his division that dealt with many criminal cases concerning large banks and their managers. Sources note that sometimes “strange things” happened to those cases, in which Cherkalin and his friend from the same unit could be involved. After the colonel’s arrest, the woman voluntarily told law enforcement officers about her connections with him.

The investigator spoke of the issues Cherkalin had turned to her about. She also reported that recently he was accompanied by an FSB coworker. The woman did not name the colleague but noted that he wore a Patek Philippe gold watch. After that, the investigator filed a report on dismissal.

Operatives contacted the alleged expensive watch owner. He said that he was checking Cherkalin’s friend for possible venal inclinations. According to him, the ex-investigator owns real estate in Sicily, acquired with an income of unknown origin. A background check is being conducted to find out who is right.

According to the Rosbalt source, such things happen regularly when Cherkalin’s friends are given a closer look, and each one “has to be dealt with.”

Earlier it was reported that searches in three apartments in the Cherkalin case uncovered 12 billion rubles in different currencies. According to the agency’s sources, the money had been accepted for patronage from bank managers and representatives of commercial companies. The Rosbalt interlocutor noted that the operational files feature Trust Bank (under rehabilitation since March 2018) and Jugra (lost license in the summer of 2017).

The official bribe amount, which appears in the case, is much less. According to the investigators, between October 2013 and February 2015, Cherkalin got $850,000 from businessman Nazarov through an intermediary "for acting and omitting in favor of the bribe giver and commercial company, as well as for general patronage." The colonel is also suspected of fraudulently embezzling 490 million rubles.



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