Clash of interests makes Acting Pereslavl Mayor leave office 2 days after nomination

Clash of interests makes Acting Pereslavl Mayor leave office 2 days after nomination
Zhanna Petrova

Official reports say Petrova's husband runs a company controlled by the wife of former Mayor Koshurnikov, who was arrested on charges of theft on an especially large scale.

Zhanna Petrova, the Acting Administration Head of Pereslavl-Zalessky, who took the office after the former Mayor was arrested, resigned two days after her nomination, according to Kommersant. Petrova was assigned Mayor after former Mayor Denis Koshurnikov was accused of stealing 1 billion rubles from Rosnano state corporation. According to the source, Acting Governor Dmitry Mironov is going to propose a new candidate for the post of mayor soon.

Sources close to the city administration said Petrova's appointment was purely administrative since the Mayor has the sole right to sign salary papers for the administration workers. Petrova could not retain the post because of a clash of interests, since her husband, according to the records, runs Alliance company, 90% of which belong to NPK Protekt. The arrested Mayor's wife Elena Koshurnikova is Protekt's co-founder and owns 22% of the stock. In September, the Arbitration Court of the Volga-Vyatka district also saw a conflict of interest in contracts with Alliance for gas network construction in Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Last week, Denis Koshurnikov was arrested on charges of 1-billion-ruble embezzlement from Rosnano. According to investigators, in 2011, the Pereslavl Mayor, being at the same time a co-founder of Protekt, sold a part of Plesheevo Ozero national park to NT-Pharma officials Rustam Ataullahanov and Evgeny Sultanov. Then the Mayor gave construction permission for the site without coordinating the decision with the Ministry of Natural Resources. The arrested maintains innocence.



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