Chita Customs Inspector amasses bribes worth $17.000

Chita Customs Inspector amasses bribes worth $17.000
Chita Customs has been in a number of corruption scandals

He would talk to businessmen offering his help in recovering VAT and smuggling.

The Anti-Corruption Department has detained the Chief State Customs Inspector in Chita in the act of accepting 237 thousand rubles ($4.000) as a bribe.

According to the investigation, it was the inspector who proposed his patronage to a company engaged in China to Russia delivery.

In addition, the inspector regularly took money from the businessman in return for value-added tax recovery in 2016. This could be done if the goods, for example, are recognized as non-taxable. Overall, the customs officer took about 750 thousand rubles ($12.675) for his services between March and December.

The Trans-Baikal Investigation Department of the East Siberian Investigation Unit with the Russian Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case under item (c), part 5 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (Bribe-Taking on a large scale).

In 2016, 21 employees of the Chita customs, including its ex-deputy head Sergey Varfolomeev, were brought to criminal liability. He was sentenced to 11 years of strict security prison and a fine of 10 million rubles ($170.000) for a bribe he had taken.



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