Chinese bribed former head of Tyva FTS Directorate for tax evasion, ICR

Chinese bribed former head of Tyva FTS Directorate for tax evasion, ICR
Veronika Suge-Maadyr

Earlier, the suspect was arrested in the case of theft of taxpayers' money.

Investigators of Tyva initiated a criminal case against the former head of the Federal Tax Service in the republic, Veronika Suge-Maadyr, who was suspected of receiving a bribe of 15 million rubles ($ 240,000) from the deputy CEO of Lunsin LLC, a subsidiary of a Chinese mining group of companies, the press service of the regional ICR reports. In November last year, the former head of FTS Directorate was taken into custody along with her husband on charges of forgery and fraud.

According to the investigators, in April 2018, Suge-Maadyr agreed with the deputy CEO of the Lunsin to conduct a fictitious tax audit and hide the income tax debt for 2017 in the amount of more than 690 million rubles ($ 11 million). As a reward for cooperation, the head of the FTS Directorate allegedly received 15 million rubles through two intermediaries, against whom the ICR also initiated criminal cases.

After the arrest of Suge-Maadyr in the swindling case, she was accused of embezzling 30 million rubles ($ 480,000) from taxpayers. According to the investigation, with this money, the former head of the Directorate bought apartments in Moscow for her daughter and a niece. Some of her subordinates and the spouse who worked in the tax authorities are named as her accomplices.



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