Children of Moscow vice-mayor own property worth $22.5mn

Children of Moscow vice-mayor own property worth $22.5mn
Aleksandr Gorbenko

In general, the family owns real estate in the amount of 1.1 billion rubles ($16.5 million).

The children of Vice-Mayor of Moscow Aleksandr Gorbenko own two apartments worth 540 million rubles ($8.1 million). This is reported in the new investigation of Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK). 

2 years after Gorbenko began working for the Moscow mayor, his son Nikolay bought a Khamovniki apartment with an area of 226 square meters for 300 million rubles ($4.5 million). At the same time, the investigation notes, the 29-year-old man has no business. A year later, 21-year-old daughter of Gorbenko, Anastasia Chuyashova, bought an apartment with an area of 174 square meters in the same house on Trubetskaya Street. According to FBK, it costs 240 million rubles ($3.6 million).

In 2013, Navalny found out about Gorbenko's country house worth 500 million rubles ($7.5 million). According to old reports, Gorbenko owned the plot since 2006. On the plot of land located in Bityagovo, Moscow region, with an area of 200 acres, there are nine houses, one of which is estimated at 500 million rubles. It is not in Gorbenko’s declaration. In addition, there are two ponds, three sports and play grounds.

The other day, it was reported that Rosreestr renamed Deputy Mayor Aleksandr Gorbenko to Ivan Fedorov in an extract on this property. At the same time, the number and date of registration of the property in the name of Fedorov coincide with the previous data that the country house belonged to Gorbenko. Two neighboring sites are registered in the name of Gorbenko's son and wife. 

At the Moscow City Hall, Gorbenko deals with regional security and information policy issues.



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