Chief of Syzran police is suspected of embezzling employees’ wages

Chief of Syzran police is suspected of embezzling employees’ wages
Head of Syzran Inter-Municipal MIA Administration Andrey Gusarov

Searches have been conducted at the place of the new Head of Syzran Inter-Municipal MIA Administration Andrey Gusarov.

According to investigators, the searches are related to a criminal case, which is currently under investigation, and which has been initiated against Gusarov’s former subordinate, the Police Major Svetlana Antipova, who held the position of Chief Accountant at the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Novokuibyshevsk up until May 2016.

During the searches in Andrey Gusarov’s office, his service apartment and a country cottage located in the village of Malaya Tsarevschina, law enforcement authorities found and seized 122 automatic military cartridges 7.62 x 39 with a steel core. Civil turnover of this ammunition is prohibited in the Russian Federation. In addition, investigators found hunting cartridges for a rifled carbine in one of the outdoor constructions. It has been found that the high-ranking police had violated the applicable norms of the legislation regarding the possession of weapons. Moreover, Andrey Gusarov has failed to indicate his country cottage in the declaration. An illegal Tajik immigrant has been in charge of the house maintenance.

According to the investigating authorities’ version, in December last year, Svetlana Antipova colluded with a number of officials holding senior positions in the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, forged the signatures of the award-winning police officers in accounting documents, and then withdrew a large amount of money from the balance, reporting to the MIA General Administration for the Samara region on expenditure of funds.

Then the colluded colleagues shared the stolen money. As for the police officers deprived of bonuses, it was possible to establish their identities and question them later.

The criminal case investigation is currently handled by experts of the second department for investigation of particularly important cases of the MIA General Administration.

During investigation, Svetlana Antipova ratted out her former boss by testifying against Andrey Gusarov. The woman claims that she followed the instructions of the Head when taking at least 869,000 rubles from the cash register. However, those funds were intended for the maintenance personnel. According to her, she shared the money with her boss.

Andrey Gusarov has been questioned as a witness in the case. He denies his guilt and says that Antipova had slandered him due to personal animosity. Nevertheless, other civil employees from the Accounts Department of the MIA General Administration in Novokuibyshevsk have also testified against Gusarov.

According to investigative bodies, the inspections have revealed that Svetlana Antipova and her accomplices had caused damage in the amount of 8 million rubles to the agency.

It should be reminded that Andrey Gusarov was appointed the Head of Syzran Inter-Municipal MIA Administration on March 14 this year, after the previous Head, the Police Colonel Sergey Gudilin had died in a car accident on February 22. Let us also recall that the former head of Syzran MIA Municipal Administration Andrey Gosht was brutally murdered along with his family members on April 24 this year in the Ivashevka village, Syzran district.



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