Chief of Chekhov police department detained for bribery at exit from Moscow restaurant 

Chief of Chekhov police department detained for bribery at exit from Moscow restaurant
Mukhtar Dzharasov Photo: Social networks

SOBR special police detained the lieutenant-colonel at the exit of a Moscow restaurant.

In Moscow, siloviki have conducted a special operation on the detention of Chief of the Stolbovsky department of the Moscow region’s Chekhov, Mukhtar Dzharasov. According to MK, the lieutenant-colonel was detained at the exit of a Moscow restaurant, where he had allegedly received a bribe. As reported by Interfax, Dzharasov is suspected of Swindling. 

May 17, Dzharasov met with a certain person at the restaurant. Siloviki report that he received about 5 million rubles ($77,450), a part of a 20-million-ruble ($309,800) bribe. At the exit, the silovik and his friend met SOBR special police.


After the detention, the house of Head of the MIA Serpukhovskoe Department for Combating Economic Crimes, Colonel Andrey Zakalyabin, was searched. His status in the case is not known yet, the newspaper reports. There is no official confirmation of the information about the detention of Zakalyabin, but the sources of the publication believe that a criminal community may be involved. 

In addition, some sources say the detention of Dzharasov may have to do with the recent detention of Andrey Bolshakov, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs department in the city of Chekhov. 

Before his appointment in Chekhov, Police Lieutenant-Colonel Dzharasov was deputy, and then head of the Criminal Investigation Department of Serpukhov. He took the position of Chekhov police chief in 2014.



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