Chief Moscow police officer awaits $ 500.000 country house

Chief Moscow police officer awaits $ 500.000 country house
Anatoly Yakunin

The New Times reporters have learned that the luxurious mansion, which is constructed in the Moscow Region village of Veshki, belongs to the Moscow police chief Anatoly Yakunin.⁠

The Veshki village, which is located two kilometers from Moscow, has long been picked by senior officials, mostly from law enforcement agencies. Therefore, the fact that Yakunin decided to build his dacha there, seems quite enough. As the builders told The New Times correspondents, this would be quite an average house for Veshki. "Worth $ 500.000, plus the price of land," – the source of the newspaper said, when asked about the approximate cost of construction. All in all, the price is not surprising - The New Times found out that a single brick for the cottage costs 70 rubles.


Photo: Anatoly Yakunin’s house is currently under construction (by The New Times)

Yakunin’s neighbors are not only state officials, but also ordinary citizens. Including a submarine commander and businessman from Siberia. By the way, their houses are not much cheaper. Where did they get the money? Well, they may have saved some. The businessman, for example, is wanted for non-payment of alimony.

According to the extract from Russian State Register, the land plot called "Dolina (‘Valley’) Zveronozhki," where Yakunin’s house is being built, was originally intended for "placement of the lifestyle facilities." But by 2013, the valley was backfilled, and the land became the property of the newly established Mytishchi dacha noncommercial partnership "Dalnie Veshki." Now the land plots are leased (up to the year 2060) at a symbolic price of 690 rubles per year.

The M-2 Limited Liability Company is directly involved in all construction works in the valley. Its owners appear to be Marina Makarova from Russia and a 61-year-old Ukrainian Miron Kastran. Together with Kastran’s youngest son, Evgeny, Makarova owns another company – Proektstroyservis LLC. A certain Alexander Kudimov was once the director general of this company. However, he is currently wanted for beating a minor Muscovite girl, and he has 14 more commercial structures registered on his name.


Photo: Miron and Evgeny Kastrans

Miron Kastran is a notable Ukrainian and Russian builder of luxury real estate. In the early 2000s, on commission from the Russian Railway Transport Minister Nikolay Aksenenko, he was engaged in the construction of sports center in Mineralnye Vody. However, after investing about 250 million rubles in the project, Aksenenko was forced to stop funding it in 2002. He was then accused of misuse of budgetary funds of the Russian Railways, apartment fraud and causing damage to the state for 11 billion rubles. Before a criminal case could be initiated, the ex-minister had headed to Germany for treatment, where he died shortly afterwards. The construction of the sports center was frozen.

In addition, Kastran had a hand in the construction of elite housing complex in the so-called Ukrainian Rublevka - in the village of Kozin, near Kiev. The village is an elite one in every sense: in particular, there the family of Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko is currently living there.

According to Ukrainian media, Miron Kastran was assistant to the member of the Verkhovna Rada from the Party of Regions Sergey Kivalov (he is now again in the Verkhovna Rada from the Opposition Bloc). In 2012, Kivalov acquired a four-story mansion with a tennis court and a marina in Odessa. The house looked like a castle, and the locals called it "the Castle of Harry Potter."


Photo: Kivalov’s castle

Officially, the owner of the building is the International Humanitarian University. However, when in August 2015, the Maidan activists came to "the Castle of Harry Potter" with an inspection, they found there a huge variety of valuables – Kivalov’s portraits, busts of Stalin, and chess with golden pieces.


Photo: Kivalov’s portrait

After the change of power in Ukraine, Kivalov almost entirely moved his business to Russia. Since that moment, the M-2 LLC has already erected several mansions for officials in the Odintsovo district, a club hotel in Nalchik, and a new building of the Russian University of Cooperation in Mytischi.

And now they have another construction project for a high-ranking official, this time in Veshki. While this is only a start for Yakunin, other security forces officials had enough time to settle down there. In particular, here you can see the houses of the former chief of the Internal Security Directorate of the Prosecutor General’s Office Valery Naniy, the chief of police in the Western Administrative District of Moscow Andrey Puchkov, a former Federal Security Service general Filimon Sinyakov, and several employees of the central apparatus of the National Charitable Foundation. All the houses are built in accordance with the high ranks of their hosts - with towers, balconies, attics, massive gates, and tall fences with cameras.

However, the most impressive structure in the village is a house, which looks like an administrative building of a small town. According to the documents, it belongs to a relative of the former deputy director of the Federal Tax Service Denis Naumchev. He himself is now a defendant in the criminal case of embezzlement of funds allocated for the tax authorities in Crimea, and that is why he prefers to live in France.


Photo: Denis Naumchev’s house (by The New Times)

The new resident of the Dolina Zveronozhki, Anatoly Yakunin, has been the head of the Moscow police since 2012. Prior to that, he headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs department in the Novgorod Region. A longtime friend, current Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, helped him move to Moscow. After Kolokoltsev had been promoted and took the office in the ministry, he recommended Yakunin in his stead.

According to the income declaration, Yakunin earned 2.2 million rubles in 2015. However, his wife Irina, who works as head of the Office of Social Development and Corporate Culture Department in Rosneft, received 9.7 million rubles in that year. But even their combined income is not enough for the new cottage worth 32 million rubles. The family also owns an apartment in Moscow (142 square meters), an UAZ Hunter, a BMW K 1600 GTL motorcycle (worth about 2 million rubles), and a rented land plot in Veshki with the total area of 20 acres.



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