Chelyabinsk official responsible for IT technology caught on bribery

Chelyabinsk official responsible for IT technology caught on bribery
Vasily Prokopenko detained along with an accomplice when receiving a bribe

Chelyabinsk official, who had worked as the head of a regional state institution for a month, has been caught on bribery.

On the night of September 1, Chelyabinsk law enforcement agencies detained the Head of the Chelyabinsky regionalny tsentr navigatsionno-informatsionnykh tekhnologiy (Chelyabinsk Regional Center for Navigation and Information Technology) Regional State Budgetary Institution, Vasily Prokopenko. He was caught red-handed when receiving money as a bribe from a mediator. The briber was also arrested.

According to law enforcement agencies, he received the money for services rendered earlier, when he was the deputy director for corporate and state clients of the Chelyabinsk branch of Rostelecom. A criminal case has been initiated against him; he is charged with bribery, since the controlling stake in Rostelecom is owned by the state.

The law enforcement officers added that Special Forces soldiers of the Regional Federal Security Service Directorate also took part in the arrest operation. A preventive measure will be soon imposed against the detainees. Currently, they are both in the Temporary Containment Cell.

It should be noted, that a 40-year-old Vasily Prokopenko has worked as the Head of the regional state budgetary institution for a month only. He had been offered the position through Rostelecom. As for the institution he used to head, it is subordinated to the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications in the Chelyabinsk region.



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