Chelyabinsk: Ex-Kunashaksky district head sentenced for 9 years for swindling and bribery

Chelyabinsk: Ex-Kunashaksky district head sentenced for 9 years for swindling and bribery
Vadim Zakirov

Former Southern Urals public official Vadim Zakirov has been convicted of taking bribes, abuse of official powers, and swindling.

The Kunashaksky District Court (Chelyabinsk Region) convicted Vadim Zakirov of violation of articles 290, part 6 (“Bribe-Taking on an Especially Large Scale”), 285, part 3 (“Abuse of Official Powers Entailing Grave Consequences”), and 159, part 4 (“Swindling Committed by an Organised Group or on an Especially Large Scale”) of the Russian Criminal Code on June 30.

The court sentenced the former public official to 9 years in high-security prison. Moreover, it fined him for 7 million rubles ($118 thousand).

May we remind you that a criminal case against Zakirov was opened on April 6, 2015, as reported earlier by the CrimeRussia. It was opened in the wake of inspections in the local administration. The public official was arrested and taken to pre-trial detention facility. Court extended his stay in pre-trial detention facility several times. It released him under house arrest in late 2016. However, Vadim Zakirov was arrested again right in the courtroom after his sentence was announced the day before.

It is worth mentioning that public prosecutors demanded he was sentenced to 15 years in high-security prison and fined for 14 million rubles ($237 thousand). However, the Court gave him a softer sentence.

The criminal case was opened because of information the Milyash kindergarten was purchased for an excessive price, according to investigators. It was purchased for 19.1 million rubles ($324 thousand), according to documents. However, its actual price amounts to about 10 million rubles.

New instances of corruption were discovered during the investigation. For example, Kunashaksky District resident Talgat Lukmanov gave Zakirov a bribe in the form of a 1.4-million-ruble ($23 thousand) apartment. Zakirov was to appoint Lukmanov the District Administration Deputy Head in exchange. Moreover, Zakirov 'helped' two local residents get municipal contracts for gas pipelines construction; they paid him 2 million rubles ($33 thousand) as gratitude.

Zakirov eventually confessed to the crimes to the investigators. He also told them about those they had not discovered.



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