Chelyabinsk ex-Governor Yurevich complained about investigators again

Chelyabinsk ex-Governor Yurevich complained about investigators again
Mikhail Yurevich

Former Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich has filed another complaint against investigative bodies.

The ex-official did not like that ICR employees appointed an examination of his voice recording as part of the measures taken for investigation of the corruption case, the main defendant in which is Yurevich's former deputy Nikolay Sandakov. January 13, the court dismissed the complaint received from the ex-official and upheld the earlier decision of the Central District Court of the South Ural capital on the refusal to accept the complaint of Mikhail Yurevich's lawyer against ICR officers.

In the complaint, Mikhail Yurevich's representative asked to recognize the illegal actions of the investigative authorities, who denied the former governor the opportunity to get acquainted with the resolution on appointment of the phonographic judicial examination. It is noteworthy that the expertise was appointed in April last year.

According to the press service of the Central District Court of Chelyabinsk, there has been two such complaints from Yurevich, and both of them has been rejected. The first has been filed by the former governor's representative, who was not his lawyer. The second denial is related to the fact that the court has no right to evaluate the materials collected in a case reviewed by another court.

Among other things, Mikhail Yurevich is a media personality; it is enough to use media resources, namely TV and radio interviews, to analyze the recording of his voice. There is no need to involve Yurevich in this process.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the case of former Deputy Governor Nikolay Sandakov is currently under consideration in the Sovetsky District Court of Chelyabinsk. The former officer is charged with Bribery on an especially large scale (part 6 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code).



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