Chelyabinsk ex-Governor chooses London over interrogation

Chelyabinsk ex-Governor chooses London over interrogation
Mikhail Yurevich

Mikhail Yurevich failed to show up at the Investigative Committee department.

The Yekaterinburg Investigative Committee was expecting Mikhail Yurevich, who had headed the Chelyabinsk region between 2010 and 2014, to come yesterday and testify, but he never showed up.

Yurevich was charged on March 20. According to investigative authorities, the official would take bribes from his subordinate, former Chelyabinsk health minister Vyacheslav Teslenko in return for protection racket on regular basis (part 6 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code). The bribes totaled 26 million rubles ($450.000). In addition to the bribes, he allegedly instigated first deputy governor Oleg Grachev to spread defamation about the work of Chelyabinsk regional court chairman Fyodor Vyatkin (part 4 of Art. 33; part 2 of Art. 128.1 of the Criminal Code). Moreover, the false information about him was disseminated through Channel One’s Man and Law show. December 8, 2012 episode linked Vyatkin to a criminal gang that the locals dubbed Kalininskaya Semiya (Kalinin Family).

Earlier, Yurevich's lawyer Igor Trunov stated that his client "with a high degree of probability" would come to Yekaterinburg for questioning from Israel, where he was allegedly being treated. However, later the lawyer said that Yurevich went to London for an additional medical examination. Trunov told that "the overseas doctors do not let Mikhail Valerevich go for health reasons."

It should be remarked that Yurevich, who denied all the accusations against him, has already ignored two interrogation summons. He is now expected to be put on the international wanted list.

We shall add that Teslenko, who had testified against Yurevich, was sentenced to seven years in a strict regime colony and a fine of 300 million rubles ($5.2m) in 2014 for taking bribes exceeding 70 million rubles ($1.2m) for his assistance in obtaining contracts for medical equipment supply to local hospitals. According to Urals media, the ex-Minister turned Yurevich in to have a chance of parole. 



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