CEC concealed candidates' accounts from voters

CEC concealed candidates' accounts from voters
The CEC Head Ella Pamfilova

The Central Election Commission has decided not to disclose accounts after the verification of the Central Bank showed a huge number of discrepancies between the declared and discovered resources in candidates’ accounts in banks. The CEC believed that credit institutions simply made a mistake.

The invalid information found in the deputies' declarations of income, property, securities and bank deposits, are published on the CEC website. However, as reported by Kommersant, this year representatives of the Central Election Commission decided to check bank accounts more thoroughly. To do this, the money was begun to look not only where the said candidate, but also in other banks. The request for credit institutions, depositories and registers of holders were sent through a system of personal accounts on the Central Bank website. In total, 800 organizations were checked. However, not all of them managed to provide data in time - to June 1st. The Bank of Russia itself was only technical mediator and did not check the data and transmit them to the CEC.

As a result, as stated by the source of Kommersant, the CEC decided not to "injure people with a number of inaccurate data”. Note that the Rosreestr, providing real estate data, had the problem with the accuracy of information provided to the CEC. For example, in the possession of the candidate and the former Vice President Alexander Rutskoi Rosreestr, at the request of the CEC, identified an undeclared share in an apartment in Moscow. The leader of the Communist Russia Maxim Suraykin was discovered undeclared income of 16 thousand rubles. The member of Spravedlivaya Rossiya Dmitry Noskov was found the caravan. However, these inconsistencies are not the reason for the withdrawal from the election. They only show how candidates, applying for parliamentary seats, are honest to their constituents. For example, in the last elections to the State Duma multimillion discrepancies were identified in the declarations, provided by the candidates.

The Head of the legal service of the KPRF State Duma Deputy Vadim Solovyov thought that in the information on bank accounts there can be a lot of small inaccuracies. "Time for penny quibbles passed, and all serious discrepancies the CEC has probably published," – said he to Kommersant. The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma faction Spravedlivaya Rossiya Mikhail Emelyanov is generally opposed to publishing information about candidates for deputy incomes elsewhere. "When the official report, this is the fight against corruption. And why the candidates? Show who is rich and who is poor? "- perplexed the member of Spravedlivaya Rossiya. Also the expert of Golos Andrey Buzin is supportive to candidates. According to him, the data, coming from banks account, can not fully considered reliable. And small differences, in his opinion, is not worth paying attention. If the "candidate forgot to specify the account for eight rubles," it will not affect his reputation. However, the voter’s'opinion on it can change the fact that he had something concealed, concluded Buzin.



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