Case of theft at elimination of chemical weapons got one more person of interest

Case of theft at elimination of chemical weapons got one more person of interest
Enterprise for disposal of chemical weapons

Prices on reagents necessary for destruction of chemical weapons were artificially charged up. The difference which amounted to millions fell into the pockets of the conspirators.

The investigation found a previously unidentified person in the case of embezzlement of funds allocated for the elimination of chemical weapons in the framework of the federal target program. It is the officer of the military unit No. 55498 Vladimir Dyadichenko.

According to the materials of the criminal case, the 48-year-old military engineer, together with employees of Ekros-Engineering, took part in price fixing on supplies of chemicals used for disposal of chemical weapons, reports Kommersant.

Based on the preliminary results of the investigation conducted by the Russian MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption, the Investigative Committee’s Main Investigative Directorate in July initiated a criminal case against the Head of the company Ekros-Engineering Nail Bulkhin under part 4 Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale). In particular, he was charged with embezzling money for the program "Destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles in the Russian Federation."

As part of the contract with the Federal Department for Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons, Bulkhin’s company had supply the plant on the deactivation and disposal of chemical weapons in the Udmurtia village Kizner, reagents for elimination poisons sarin and lewisite contained in artillery shells.

According to the documents, the supplier should have shipped the enterprise 370 tonnes of the special lime and 85 tonnes of monoethanolamine for 16 million rubles.

However, according to the investigators, Bulkhin and "unidentified persons" colluded, which resulted in the fact that the cost of purchased reagent was unreasonably charged up by 10 million rubles.

Now, however, it became clear that the professional military engineer Vladimir Dyadichenko helped Bulkhin to wrap up the deal. Their criminal conspiracy is proved by e-mail correspondence of the officer with the Head of Ekros-Engineering and other interested individuals, the newspaper writes.

Earlier it was reported that in a criminal scheme to withdraw money from the federal budget allocated for the program of elimination of chemical weapons, other commercial structures were involved as well. In particular, the company Russtroyperspektiva was mentioned, the CEO of which is hiding from the investigation and was put on the wanted list. Currently, the investigators are checking other contracts concluded by the Department with suppliers.



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