Case of Moscow 'brothers-bribers' is directed to court

Case of Moscow 'brothers-bribers' is directed to court
Defendants managed to issue 76 counterfeit motor vehicle certificates of title

Defendants are accused of 26 episodes of crimes.⁠

Two residents of Moscow will face trial in Taganrog for bribe-giving to the chief of customs and to the inspector of traffic police in the Rostov Region. The press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office reports about it.

The brothers are accused of 26 criminal episodes, provided by item a, part 4, Art. 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (bribery) and of seven episodes under part 1, Art. 291.2 (small bribery).

According to the investigators, in June 2014 the men through intermediaries contacted the head of the department of the Taganrog customs Evgeny Kucherenko and the Rostov Region inspector of traffic police of the Russian Federation. With them, they agreed about the execution of vehicle certificates of title for remuneration.

As a result, for nearly half a year the customs officer and the law enforcement authority were getting bribes from Muscovites in the amount of 5 to 30 thousand rubles ($85-515) for what they processed 76 documents to expensive cars of the German, English and Japanese productions. The cars were registered as imported from the countries of the Customs union.

Criminal cases against the bribe takers were allocated in a separate production. Thus, Evgeny Kucherenko was already twice condemned on 14 episodes of these crimes in January and June 2017.



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