Case of ex-Ivanovo head referred to the court

Case of ex-Ivanovo head referred to the court
Vyacheslav Sverchkov

A criminal case of the former City Head Vyacheslav Sverchkov has reached the Leninsky Court of Ivanovo. As reported by the court’s press service, the case of Sverchkov will be reviewed according to special procedure, as he had concluded a plea agreement.⁠

There is a single episode in the criminal case of ex-Ivanovo head. In 2014, the city head received a bribe in the amount of 218 thousand dollars (12.76 million rubles) from a businessman and City Duma Deputy Sarraf Mamedov for the lease of 37 plots of land for the construction of bus shelters.

According to the case materials, Sverchkov transferred 85 thousand dollars (5 million rubles) to First Deputy Governor of the Ivanovo region Dmitry Kulikov. The investigators believe Kulikov should have solved the problems of turnover of land specified in the terms of the transaction.

However, Kulikov's lawyer Darya Konstantinova claims that Dmitry Kulikov did not receive any money either for allocating the land plot, or for implementing the project for synthetic fibers production. According to her, Sverchkov incriminated Kulikov to alleviate his fate.

In addition, Kulikov is accused of taking bribes for the overall protection of the investment project on the construction of Ivanovo polyester complex worth 290 million dollars (17 billion rubles). According to investigators, Kulikov received a SUV Touareg Volkswagen under low-cost lease, as well as payment of mobile communication as a result. The investigation regarded the two-year term of car lease as a bribe in the amount of 4 thousand dollars (245 thousand rubles).



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