Car fleet, watch and rifle collections. $3.4m worth of property seized from ex-Deputy Chief of State Reserve Agency in Siberia 

Car fleet, watch and rifle collections. $3.4m worth of property seized from ex-Deputy Chief of State Reserve Agency in Siberia
Ilgiz Garifullin

Ilgiz Garifullin’s official annual income was about 500 thousand rubles ($8.500). He is suspected of having taken a Porsche Cayenne as a bribe.

The Zayeltsovsky District Court of Novosibirsk confiscated property belonging to the family of the former Deputy Chief of Federal State Reserve Agency (Rosrezerv) in the Siberian Federal District. Ilgiz Garifullin is suspected of bribery. The state treasury was replenished with his cash, real estate, a fleet of premium cars, collections of watches and hunting rifles worth 200 million rubles ($3.4m).

Watch collection

According to Kommersant, the Prosecutor General's Office appealed with a claim to seize the property, after revealing a clear imbalance between Garifullin's family incomes and expenses. For example, the declaration he filed reads that his aggregate income for 2015 was barely over 500.000 rubles ($8.500). The Garifullins failed to prove the property had been acquired legally.

The court satisfied the requirements of the supervisory authority and recovered cash found in Ilgiz Garifullin’s banking cell amounting to 29 million rubles ($495.817), $300 thousand and €300 thousand, a collection of hunting rifles (including brands like Browning, Benelli and Sauer), a collection of watches: a Rolex ($32.500), Patek Philippe ($35.900), Breguet ($27.300), etc.


Besides, the Prosecutor General's Office made Ilgiz Garifullin’s family members and his representatives codefendants, assuming they could formally be the owners of the property. The detectives found that the ex-official’s 18-year-old daughter owned an apartment, three underground parking spaces, a Mercedes-Benz GLK ($39.300) and an Opel Astra ($14.500). Ilzhiz Garifullin's mother-in-law is a legal owner of an apartment in a townhouse ($290.650) and two Volkswagens. Meanwhile, according to the prosecutors, his mother-in-law’s declared income for 15 years (between 2000 and 2015) did not exceed 2.5 million rubles ($42.700), and his father-in-law declared 4.5 million rubles ($77.000) for the same period. Garifullin’s chauffeur was also one of the codefendants in the case as on paper he turned out to be the owner of a Porsche Panamera GTS ($126.500).

Porsche Panamera GTS

In total, the prosecutor's office has seized $3.4m worth of property and cash in favor of the state.

Defendant Ilgiz Garifullin was trying to contest Prosecutor’s accusations during the court session. Rosrezerv’s ex-official insisted that he had acquired all his property before joining the civil service. He claimed that he had previously been a successful businessman, traded in grain, furs and tobacco.

As the CrimeRussia reported previously, Ilgiz Garifullin who served as Deputy Chief of Federal State Reserve Agency in Siberian Federal District, was arrested in May 2016. According to the investigation, the official got a Porsche Cayenne as a bribe worth $104.300 from Stanislav Kabanyachiy from Lenpromtransproekt CJSC. In return for the 'gift' Garifullin assisted the company in obtaining a multimillion-ruble contract with Rosrezerv. The estimated damage the employee caused has been 80 million rubles ($1.4m).

After the high-ranking civil servant was arrested, security officials combed his apartment and seized property and cash worth about 135 million rubles ($2.3m). Then they raided his house and found 9 million rubles ($153.874), $200.000, a MacBook Pro, two Vertu cell phones, a collection of expensive wristwatches, hunting rifles, carbines, three rifles of which one was with an optical sight. Garifullin's wife banking cell was also looked into and 35 million rubles ($598.400) was found there as well as $100.000.

Cash seized

The investigators established that the official’s family also had a three-room apartment, a one-room apartment, a townhouse, a Porsche Panamera, a Porsche Cayenne, a Land Rover Range Rover Sport, a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Volkswagen Multivan, a Volkswagen Phaeton, two KamAZ trucks, a Snowmobile and two trailers.




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