Capital Prosecutor is suspected of fabricating documents

Capital Prosecutor is suspected of fabricating documents

The Head of the Department, which oversees the investigative authorities of the Moscow Interior Ministry, was found inconsistencies in documents under initiating cases of the MID.

The service check is carried out against the Head of the Department for the Supervision of criminal procedure and operational-investigative activity of internal affairs agencies, drug control and justice Sergey Stolyarov. As the source of Life told, for the current year, the Prosecutor's Office has provided a report on the 12 criminal cases of the Main Investigation Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, returned for the additional investigation, whereas in reality there are 2 times more cases. In addition, the Stolyarov's Department overstated for 2 times an extinguished damage from committed crimes.

According to an internal service investigation, it was not the Stolyarov's mistakes, there were deliberate actions to improve the performance of the department.

In addition, the Prosecutor's Office became interested in criminal cases, instituted on banking crimes. Several heads of the MID of the MIA in Moscow are checked.

In the case of confirmation of the facts of falsification of reports, Stolyarov may face a disciplinary action, including dismissal.



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