Businessman who presented jeep to Investigative Committee officer Maksimenko declared wanted

Businessman who presented jeep to Investigative Committee officer Maksimenko declared wanted
Mikhail Maksimenko Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky/RIA Novosti

Businessman Dmitry Smychkovsky became the sixth defendant in the corruption case against high-ranking Russian Investigative Committee officer Mikhail Maksimenko.

The Federal Security Service put businessman Dmitry Smychkovsky on the international wanted list on a charge of bribe-giving to ex-Head of the Interdepartmental Interaction Department and own safety of the Investigative Committee of Russia Mikhail Maksimenko, RIA Novosti reports. According to the investigation, Smychkovsky presented a Jeep Wrangler car of 2013 worth 2.7 million rubles ($47 thousand) to Maksimenko as a bribe.

On October 16, the Moscow City Court held a hearing on the issue of extension of Maksimenko’s arrest. The period of investigation in the case of the ex-employee of the Investigative Committee was prolonged for three months — till January 15, 2018. His arrest was prolonged till January 19, 2018. As investigators declared in the court, six criminal cases were consolidated in one production.

Maksimenko's defense asked to change his measure of restraint to a house arrest. Maksimenko complained of pressure from the Federal Security Service, the Moscow agency reported. According to the defendant, the staff of the intelligence agency demanded from him “to stipulate himself”.

Mikhail Maksimenko, his deputy Aleksander Lamonov and Deputy Head of the Main Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow Denis Nikandrov were arrested in July 2016 on a charge of receiving a large bribe from ‘code-bound criminal’ Zakhar Kalashov known as Shakro Molodoy (Shakro The Young). According to the investigators, employees of the Investigative Committee promised for a bribe to promote the release of the right hand of Shakro Molodoy, Andrey Kochuykov known as Italiyanets (Italian) from a pre-trial detention center, who was arrested after the firefight in Elements restaurant on Rodchelskaya Street in Moscow. Later new episodes of bribes have appeared in the case.

The firefight on Rodchelskaya Street between groups of Shakro Molodoy and head of law firm Diktatura Zakona Eduard Budantsev took place in December 2015. As a result, two security guards of crime lord Kochuykov died. As a result of the conflict, a criminal case was initiated over extortion. According to the investigators, employees of the Private Security Company under control of Shakro Molodoy demanded from the owner of Elements restaurant Zhanna Kim 8 million rubles ($139 thousand) for design services of Kalashov’s acquaintance Fatima Misikova. It should be noted that the first court session within the case of Zakhar Kalashov took place on October 10.



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