Businessman vs. Police General Igor Mitrofanov: Who wins the war? 

Businessman vs. Police General Igor Mitrofanov: Who wins the war?
Igor Mitrofanov and Andrey Krivoshein

An application to the Federal Security Service (FSB) from businessman Andrey Krivoshein has resulted in a trial of Konstantin Savchenko, the main anti-corruption fighter in the Tomsk region. Now the businessman is striving for criminal prosecution of Savchenko’s chief Igor Mitrofanov, former Head of the Administration for the Tomsk Region of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation. Krivoshein is ready to prove that the major general of police was extorting money and expensive cars from him. Mitrofanov denies all accusations stating that he never had any affairs with Krivoshein. However, according to documents, general’s wife and son had a joint business with Krivoshein. After the publication of accusations brought by the businessman against Mitrofanov, his son collected from Krivoshein a fictitious ‘debt’ of 20 million rubles by court action. Despite this ‘costly’ attempt to obtain justice, Krivoshein is not giving up. What could be the output of this confrontation between a businessman and a police general?

When a criminal case was initiated in January 2016 against Konstantin Savchenko, Head of the Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption of the MIA Administration for the Tomsk Region, the resignation of his direct chief has become inevitable. As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, the protege of major general Igor Mitrofanov was accused of accepting bribes – three iPhones and a large discount on a Toyota Highlander – from a Seversk-based businessman Andrey Krivoshein. The total amount of bribes received by the policeman for ‘patronage’ was estimated at 913 thousand rubles.

Andrey Krivoshein, a victim of ‘friendly assistance’ by the police, had stated from the very beginning that not only Konstantin Savchenko was extorting bribes from him, but also his chief Igor Mitrofanov – who demanded from the owner of Remavto company not smartphones, but expensive cars for his ‘patronage’. The major general used to discuss with the businessman what luxury cars he would like to get right in his office. 

When the cost of ‘friendship’ with the police officers has become unbearable for the businessman, Krivoshein submitted reports on corrupt activities of Mitrofanov to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) and the Federal Security Service (FSB). In his open letter to the President of Russia, Krivoshein stated that “Igor Mitrofanov, Head of the Russian MIA Administration for the Tomsk Region, used to run illegal corruption practices for a long period of time and, having a considerable administrative resource, performed raiding captures of businesses in the Tomsk region, covering his criminal operations by a formal document flow and engaging into the business liaisons not himself, but his family members”. 

In response to the public accusations, Igor Mitrofanov said that he didn’t even know Krivoshein personally – but this sounds unlikely, because both the wife and son of the police general were familiar with the businessman very closely. Their relations were so close that Timofey Mitrofanov used to discuss with the businessman by e-mail the configuration of a Porsche Cayenne for his mother Lyudmila Nikolaevna. Ultimately she purchased from Krivoshein this car, worth over 6 million rubles, unbelievably cheap – for 3 million 772 thousand rubles. Timofei Mitrofanov has also purchased two cars from the businessman – Lexus and Toyota Camry – with a huge discount: for 2 million 900 thousand rubles and 1 million 272 thousand rubles respectively. However, according to attorneys for Krivoshein, members of the Mitrofanov family haven’t even paid these discounted amounts and acquired 4 luxury cars in 2 years for free.

ООО "Перцы"

Another proof of close links between the businessman and the police general is Pertsi (Peppers) Limited Liability Company that used to operate smoothly for 1.5 year, up until September 2015. It was registered in St. Petersburg at Leninsky avenue, house 140, building “I”, unit 1-N. The company used to sell alcohol and other drinks and supplied merchandise to bars and restaurants. The founders of Pertsi Limited Liability Company were: businessman Andrei Krivoshein (40%), Lyudmila Mitrofanova, wife of the Head of the Russian MIA Administration for the Tomsk Region, (30%), and his son Timofei Mitrofanov (30%). In his open letter to the President of the Russian Federation, the businessman states that this company was established “following a request from I.A. Mitrofanov in order to enable family members of I.A. Mitrofanov to receive funds from the business of A.A. Krivoshein on a legitimate basis. It was intended that I shall cover all costs related to the business organization, while the family members of I.A. Mitrofanov shall receive the profits”. 

Shortly after the public accusations against Igor Mitrofanov and his family by Andrey Krivoshein, the police general decided to strike back. Timofei Mitrofanov has claimed that the businessman had borrowed 20 million rubles from him and never repaid the loan. Therefore, the son of the general had to enforce the debt in court.

Andrey Krivoshein explained that Timofey Mitrofanov had never lent any money to him, while the loan agreement was signed under pressure from Igor Mitrofanov to legitimize moneys paid by the businessman to the Head of the Russian MIA Administration for the Tomsk Region for patronage. According to Krivoshein, the fictitious loan agreement was a direct proof of the crime committed by the police general. The Investigations Directorate for the Tomsk Region of the ICR has tested the testimony of Krivoshein on a lie detector, confirmed that he tells truth, and submitted the documents to the Kirovsky District Court examining the lawsuit of Timofei Mitrofanov. However, judge Elena Nikolaenko declined to enter the lie detector testing results into the case file and returned the documents to the Investigations Directorate. She provided the following reason for this decision: the court hadn’t requested these materials.

On June 2, 2016 major general of police Igor Mitrofanov was removed from the post of the Head of the Russian MIA Administration for the Tomsk Region by a Decree of the Russian President. And on June 8, 2016 the Kirovsky District Court has satisfied the claim of Timofey Mitrofanov. Judge Elena Nikolaenko has ruled that Andrey Krivoshein must pay 20 million rubles to the general’s son. The judge has ignored arguments of the attorneys for the businessman insisting that the loan agreement was fictitious and there was a corruption element in the case. She ignored a defendant’s question: Where a 25-year-old general’s son could get such an amount in cash? The judge also declined without any reasoning the motion to request from tax authorities information about incomes of the Mitrofanov family. 

When Andrey Krivoshein has filed a counter-claim against Timofey Mitrofanov, the judge granted him 20 minutes to pay the state duty for filing the court. Krivoshein was unable to meet such a tight deadline – because all his accounts had been earlier blocked by a decision of the same Elena Nikolaenko. Therefore, the judge has got a legitimate reason to decline the counter-claim due to non-payment of the state duty. This was another indication of a biased trial – as well as the acceptance of the statement of claim from Timofey Mitrofanov by the court without any objections, although the plaintiff had failed to complete the mandatory settlement agreement procedure. 

It was also unusual that the judge had imposed a distrainment of all assets of Andrey Krivoshein, whose total value was considerably higher than the amount claimed by Timofey Mitrofanov. Therefore, the businessman was actually deprived of any possibility to run commercial activities.

ул. Гоголя, 55

55 Gogolya Street, Tomsk 

The reasons behind the weird actions of the judge could be explained by the following circumstance: according to CrimeRussia sources, general Igor Mitrofanov is a close acquaintance of Aleksander Kaigorodov, Chairman of the Tomsk City Court. Their long-term friendship has been further strengthened by their neighborship: both of them live in the same luxury residential complex at ul. Gogolya 55. 

It also can’t be ruled out that the judge was right, and Timofei Mitrofanov was rich enough to lend 20 million rubles in cash to the businessman. The general’s son has recently graduated from the Omsk Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where he, apparently, used to combine the education with business operations. At the age of 25, the young policeman is a founder of several companies. In one of those – Lesprom Limited Liability Company – Timofei Mitrofanov owns 20% of shares, while other company founders are very powerful people: Viktor Kamertsel, Rasim Girfanov, and Valentin Chernyavsky. Major general Viktor Kamertsel was the Head of the State Automobile Inspectorate of the Omsk Region since 1994; in the period of 1998–2010, he was the head of the Omsk police and member of the inner circle of Governor Polezhaev and then was an aide to the Minister of Internal Affairs for a couple of years. Rasim Girfanov used to be the Head of the Federal Security Service Directorate for the Omsk Region in the period of 2002–2009; after resignation he was Deputy Head of the Omsk Regional Government and Vice Mayor of Omsk. Lieutenant general Valentin Chernyavsky rose through the ranks to Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and became a Senator. But the most important thing about this company is not its founders – but its registration address identical to the address of Pertsi Limited Liability Company: Leninsky avenue, house 140, building “I”, unit 1-N, St. Petersburg.


Viktor Kamertsel, Valentin Chernyavsky, and Rasim Girfanov    

Timofey Mitrofanov owns one of his numerous companies jointly with his mother and father: all the three members of the Mitrofanov family are founders of Krasnoyarsk-based Sosnovoe (Pine Wood) Cottage Non-Commercial Partnership. 

Should the successful businessman Timofey Mitrofanov do not have enough money to lend millions, his careful mother could give him as much as needed. The spouse of Igor Mitrofanov is the champion among other wives and children of high-ranked police officers of the Siberian Federal District by the official income for the last five years. She earns more than any police general in the Siberian Federal District. The income of Mitrofanova for the year of 2012 was 25 million 851 thousand rubles – more than 10 times higher than the official income of her husband for the same year (2 million 393 thousand rubles). And according to Forbes, Igor Mitrofanov – with his seemingly humble earnings – was the 8th richest law enforcement officer in Russia as of 2013. 

There is an easy explanation why the general’s wife earns in a month as much as her husband in a year: similarly with her son, Mitrofanova is a co-founder of several companies operating in the Tomsk and Omsk regions and in the Krasnoyarsk krai. In particular, in Omsk she owns 50% in Obshepit Limited Liability Company and 50% in Krem Limited Liability Company.


Andrey Krivoshein had to pay 20 million rubles for his attempt to accuse the Head of the Russian MIA Administration for the Tomsk Region, and he is still unable to put Igor Mitrofanov on the dock, next to Konstantin Savchenko. The only success of the businessman in his struggle against corrupt policemen is the initiation of a criminal case under part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (swindling committed by an organized group or on an especially large scale) due to facts related to the foundation of Pertsi Limited Liability Company. The Investigations Department for Special Cases of the Investigations Directorate for the Tomsk Region of the ICR has initiated a criminal case due to the fact of provision of a BMW X5 car worth 4 million 870 thousand rubles by Andrey Krivoshein as a payment for the franchise of Pertsi Limited Liability Company.

Кривошеин потерпевший

Возбуждение уголовного дела

The maximal punishment under this article is up to 10 years behind bars and fine up to 1 million rubles. Andrei Krivoshein has been granted the status of victim. However, all other persons involved into this criminal case have the status of witnesses. Igor Mitrofanov, former Head of the Russian MIA Administration for the Tomsk Region, is considered a witness as well. No one can say whether he would ever become a suspect. Apparently, a political will is required for this. According to Andrey Krivoshein, currently the investigation is effectively stalled. The businessman believes that “most probably, this is because any objective examination would uncover that I.A. Mitrofanov is not the only corrupt official in the Tomsk region”. 

Overall, every character involved into this story has his own ‘skeletons in the closet’. For example, the victim party in the person of businessman Krivoshein is suspected of illegal cashing operations and possible tax evasion. Allegedly, he used to give bribes and gifts to Konstantin Savchenko, former Head of the Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption of the MIA Administration for the Tomsk Region, for patronage during tax audits of his ‘cashing’ companies.


 Sosnovoe (Pine Wood) Cottage Non-Commercial Partnership
 Obshepit Limited Liability Company
 Lesprom Limited Liability Company
 Pertsi (Peppers) Limited Liability Company



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