Businessman Shchukin gifts ex-Head of Kemerovo ICR Kalinkin expensive cars

Businessman Shchukin gifts ex-Head of Kemerovo ICR Kalinkin expensive cars
Coal magnate Alexander Shchukin

For what exactly the coal magnate gifted the former security officer is not reported.

Businessman Alexander Shchukin, who was accused in extorting of a controlling block of stock of the open-pit mine Inskoy, turned himself in. This transpired during the trial, at which a complaint on the decision to extend the detention of ex-Head of the ICR Directorate in the Kemerovo Region Sergey Kalinkin was considered, writes Kommersant. The coal magnate and the member of the Forbes list Shchukin said that in 2014 he gifted a high-ranking security official with BMW X5.

According to the investigation, it was Kalinkin, who took the SUV from the dealership. The fact that the vehicle was used by a senior investigator was also confirmed in the service center which he addressed several times. However, Sergey Kalinkin registered the expensive foreign-made car on his partner wife’s pensioner mother. That is why in the ICR Directorate Head’s income statement only VAZ-2106 was mentioned. BMW X5 worth 6.5 million rubles, according to the same statement, Kalinkin and his family could not afford. Also, the investigators learned that the Kalinkin’s partner wife in the end of the last year tried to sell the SUV. Currently, the foreign-made car is seized.

The former Head of the ICR Directorate in the Kemerovo Region himself denied an expensive gift from the businessman. He confirms his words by a thorough inspection of his reputation by special services before assigning him a rank of a Major General in 2014. Another check was conducted before reappointment to the post for five years in February 2016 as well.

However, Shchukin insists that this was not the only gift. In 2011, the businessman allegedly gave Kalinkin a similar car. Where that SUV currently is, it is still unknown. The reason for which Schukin bestowed the Head of the Kemerovo Region ICR Directorate is not reported.

It is to be recalled that in November 2016, a high-profile scandal broke in Kuzbass. Criminals were extorting from a local businessman Anton Tsygankov the controlling block of stakes (51%) of the OJSC Razrez Inskoy (Open-Pit Mine Inskoy). Homes and offices of eight Kemerovo officials were searched, and the officials themselves became the persons of interest in the criminal case on the fact of extortion (Art. 163 of the Russian Criminal Code). Businessman Alexander Shchukin, two deputies of Governor Tuleev – Alexey Ivanov and Alexander Danilchenko, Head of administration of the Kemerovo Region Elena Troitskaya and two members of the regional ICR – Sergey Kryukov and Artem Shevelev were placed under house arrest during the investigation; another two persons of interest – the businessman’s confident Gennady Vernigor and Head of the Russian ICR Investigative Directorate in the Kemerovo Region Sergey Kalinkin were placed in the pre-detention center. At that, the latter was removed from his position. As the CrimeRussia already reported, the raider capture of the mine failed, because among the shareholders of Inskoy, there was a powerful businessman, David Yakobashvili, the partner and cousin of Gabriel Yushvaev (known in some circles as a criminal "authority" nicknamed Garik Makhachkala). At that, the Governor of the Region Tuleyev stood up for his subordinates, calling the accusations against them absurd, the criminal case a "set up", and the whole situation – an attempt to put pressure on him.



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