Businessman Mikhail Derbenev’s death year ago and "Tyumen-Sevastopol" partnership: where’s the link? 

Businessman Mikhail Derbenev’s death year ago and "Tyumen-Sevastopol" partnership: where’s the link?
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In early June last year, 40-year-old Director of the state-owned unitary enterprise Proekt Razvitiya Balaklavy ('Balaklava Development Project') Mikhail Derbenev was found dead in his Sevastopol apartment. He died under mysterious circumstances, and his death was preceded by a scandal about 380 million rubles ($5.9 mln) from budget of Yugra that disappeared in offshores in Cyprus and Seychelles through OOO Lloyd-Patterson, the founder of which he is still him. The CrimeRussia was figuring out what could have caused the businessman’s death, what is the connection between Tyumen, Yugra, Sevastopol and Karachay-Cherkessia, how the governor Ovsyannikov develops Balaklava (and does he?) and why the head of the Ministry of Construction Vladimir Yakushev and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin have been spoted in this story.

Mysterious death of Derbenev

Little is known about Mikhail Derbenev. He is a native of the Tyumen region and used to be an affiliate of several companies of Yugra. Derbenev arrived in Sevastopol in January 2018 (less than six months before his death), along with his longtime acquaintance, ex-Director of the Agency for Infrastructure Development of the Tyumen Region, Andrey Sanosyan, who was appointed deputy director of the economic development department of the government of Sevastopol. The body of Mikhail Derbenev was found on June 3 last year on the day of public hearings on the development of the Balaklava Bay.

Andrey Sanosyan

Andrey Sanosyan arrived from Tyumen to develop Sevastopol

The mysterious death of a young and completely healthy Mikhail Derbenev became known after a campaign was launched in the Yugra mass media about millions of budget funds missing through OOO Lloyd-Patterson. It turned out to be a dummy firm. By the way, it still belongs to the late Derbenev. 

OOO Lloyd Patterson

Mikhail Derbenev is still listed as the founder of OOO Lloyd Patterson

Derbenev’s organizations

One year after his death, Derbenev is listed in the founders of two more organizations

Then, we recall, the transfer of the mentioned amount for the purchase of the kindergarten Alye Parusa in Khanty-Mansiysk (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District) was signed by ex-Governor of the Tyumen region and member of the Supreme Council of the United Russia party, Vladimir Yakushev, who became Minister of Construction and Utilities of Russia on May 18 last year. The bottom line is that OOO Lloyd Patterson, headed by Mikhail Derbenev, had no relation to the object, but the money transferred by the Department of Property Relations of the Tyumen Region was received by this particular shell company. At this time, the real beneficiaries of the funds sent to this company are not officially announced, as, in fact, the circumstances of Derbenev’s premature death, who, it is worth emphasizing, Sevastopol governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov appointed director of the state unitary enterprise Proekt Razvitiya Balaklavy ('Balaklava Development Project') a month before his death – on May 8, 2018. By the way, Derbenev was listed the director of this state unitary enterprise for several more months after his death. 

Смена руководителей ГУП.png

The late Mikhail Derbenev was listed as the director of the state unitary enterprise PRB for 4 months

The death of Derbenev, same as, in fact, the corruption Yugro-Tyumen scandal, was hushed up, the money has not yet been found. And the question, where did they go, remains rhetorical. It is known that, having received the money, the company Lloyd Patterson, formerly known as OOO International Law Company Lloyd Patterson, changed its name to OOO Lloyd Patterson, changing the legal address. Is not it covering up the trail?

Payment order

The companies in which money was transferred legally no longer exist

Karachay-Cherkessia, Minstroy, and Sobyanin;

According to the available information, OOO Lloyd Patterson is closely associated with a certain Texbank, co-owned by a resident of Grozny, Shamil Medzhiev, who is not listed as a shareholder, but has an indisputable influence on them.  


Texbank is registered in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic

Earlier, Medzhiev had already turned off the fraud of 1.5 billion rubles ($23.3 mln) with shares of Kuban Energy Company, selling them through OOO TOK-Stroy, which belongs to him. He then led the company to controlled bankruptcy through Lloyd Patterson. In total, Lloyd Patterson is a kind of connecting link between Medzhiev, Yakushev and Derbenev – both alive and dead. However, everyone forgot about the latter a long time ago: no matter how cynical it sounds, but “the Moor has done his duty, let him go.”

Thus, a reasonable question arises: wasn’t the State Unitary Enterprise PRB ('Balaklava Development Project') created specifically for a cash “cut”? Tyumen, Yugra, Sevastopol – what's the difference as to where to engage in “private development” of budget funds? Taking into account the fact that a considerable amount of them are now arriving in Sevastopol and the Crimea within the framework of federal programs, it would be foolish not to take advantage of this moment. For example, a complete reconstruction of the same Balaklava Bay.

There is unofficial information that the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and the head of the Ministry of Construction Vladimir Yakushev, who, by the way, is considered to be a protégé of Sobyanin, show remarkable interest in the mentioned “Sevastopol Pearl” in particular and in Sevastopol. 



Vladimir Yakushev and Sergey Sobyanin have business interests in Sevastopol

Of course, their interests have been coordinated with the governor of Sevastopol, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, for whom, in the context of his rule, this region has a considerable number of flaws. However, with venerable support, the armchair under Ovsyannikov, who is called the “young technocrat,” even if it staggers, then only in the style of a light sea breeze: it has not yet reached the storm that would have washed this official off.  

Playing with numbers and fake investments 

The total cost of the civil development project of Balaklava Bay as an international center of tourism is estimated at 20 billion rubles ($310 mln), of which 6.5 billion ($101 mln) will be budget financing under the Federal Program. The rest the governor Ovsyannikov expects to attract from extrabudgetary sources.  

Video: The concept of civil development of Balaklava Bay

However, the concept itself is still in limbo and still has not passed the appropriate expertise, despite the fact that this project has already been repeatedly announced loudly. So, for example, at the investment forum in Sochi in February 2018, Dmitry Ovsyannikov announced about the planned attraction of about 12 billion rubles ($186mln) of private investment. Then he signed a memorandum with Denis Kozorez, a director of OOO Infrastructure Projects Agency (AIP), on attracting 20 billion rubles ($310mln) of investment. But this amount, as we remember, is the total cost of the project, taking into account budget funds. In any case, so far no investment has been made.


Governor Ovsyannikov attracted investments only on paper

According to Oleg Bader, Director General of VessoLink Holding (which includes AIP microenterprise with a registered capital of 10,000 rubles ($155)), the signed agreement will grow into a full-fledged investment contract only if it wins a special investment competition of the government. In the meantime, according to the businessman, the project has neither a financial model nor a business plan. In other words, the businessman does not hint at anything, but says directly: there is nothing to invest in. 

Oleg Badera

Oleg Badera

Note that in 2016 an agreement on investment in the civilian sector of the airport Belbek was already signed between AIP's subsidiary – engineering company Integral – and Ovsyannikov, but the agreement remained on paper. By the way, the founder of AIP and Integral is General of the rocket troops and artillery of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Zaritsky, who is called the "rocketman-corrupt official."  

Vladimir Zaritsky

Former Rocket Officer Vladimir Zaritsky is a major businessman-developer

In April this year, during the meeting of the Strategic Development Council of Sevastopol, Head of the Balaclava Project Maria Litovko stated that the Sevastopol authorities intend to attract at least 10 billion rubles ($155 mln) of private investment to implement it. But, as we remember, a year ago, 20 billion ($310 mln) have already been attracted, although Ovsyannikov spoke about the planned 12 billion ($186 mln)! Interesting arithmetic in the performance of Ovsyannikov and his retinue takes even more: it is nothing more than a game with billions in numbers with an incomplete concept, in the result of which in Balaclava itself, as they say, we are still at square one: most of the infrastructure facilities remain in emergency condition.

As for Maria Litovko herself, in May of this year she was appointed acting Vice-Governor of Sevastopol. Before that, Litovko won in the finals of the Leaders of Russia contest, which was held in Sochi in March of this year (they say, not without frauds). Thus, in the inner circle of Litovko, it is noted that the competitive victory, and further advancement on the career ladder, was provided to her by “Kremlin commander” Sergey Kiriyenko, of whom she is a personnel favorite. 

Maria Litovko

Maria Litovko is a protege of First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kirilenko

Now she is in charge of the most corrupt sphere – land relations, as well as the economic bloc and investment activities, in the implementation of which, by the way, the Sevastopol prosecutor’s office found gross violations even when Maria Litovko led the core department responsible for the presidential development project for Balaklava Bay.   

"Battle for Sevastopol" 

But back to the state unitary enterprise PRB ('Balaklava Development Project'), which, recall, on the eve of his death, was headed by Mikhail Derbenev for a month. On January 18, 2019, the government of Ovsyannikov, on behalf of the State Unitary Enterprise PRB, filed a lawsuit against OOO Balaklavamegastroy, owned by State Duma deputy, the main United Russia member of Sevastopol, who claims to be a governor, Dmitry Sablin, together with a member of the veteran organization Boevoe Bratstvo ('Battle Brotherhood') Elena Petunina. Sablin’s name does not appear in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, because, according to available information, his share is “encrypted” in OOO Southern Construction Investment Holding, whose co-founder is OOO Temirinvestgroup, owned by Sablin’s business partner, former Vice-Premier of the Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev.


OOO Balaklavamegastroy was registered in 2007

The plaintiff, that is, the state unitary enterprise PRB intends to claim property from Sablin’s company (read, from the deputy himself). In particular, these are berths No. 247 and No. 248 in Balaklava Bay, two buildings on Tavricheskaya Embankment (house No. 20 and house No. 21), two of the four museum galleries of the underground submarine repair plant (No. 1 and No. 2) and the land plot area of ​​about 30 hectares. These objects became the property of Balaklavamegastroy in Ukraine, and the company itself was a common business project of ex-Mayor of Sevastopol Sergey Kunitsyn and ex-Governor of the Moscow region, as well as Boevoe Bratstvo Chairman, Boris Gromov.    

Dmitry Sablin

Dmitry Sablin claims the post of governor of Sevastopol

Currently, Dmitry Sablin is actively “shaking” the topic of Dmitry Ovsyannikov’s resignation. By the way, as it became known, the trials against Sablin are initiated not only by Ovsyannikov, who is trying to stay in the governor’s chair with all the fibers, but also directly by Maria Litovko. In any case, as the townspeople say, it is quite funny to watch the “battle for Sevastopol” performed by two Dmitrys. Given the fact that none of them is a native of this city (Dmitry Ovsyannikov was born in Omsk, and Dmitry Sablin in Mariupol).



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