Business consultations of Kupchino deputy cost $1m and 150 thousand euros

Business consultations of Kupchino deputy cost $1m and 150 thousand euros
Alexander Smekhov

However, the investigators believe that the deputy took money for resolving the construction issues.⁠

37-year-old Alexander Smekhov was detained on the eve by the operatives of the Economic Security Administration of the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg on suspicion of Swindling on an especially large scale (Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). This is reported by the Fontanka edition. In the car of the municipal deputy Kupchino there were found 150 thousand euros, which he received from a local businessman for resolving the issue of restoring the status of permission to build a property for Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Earlier, the deputy has already received 60 million rubles ($1m), but the matter did not move at all. He demanded more, and the businessman instead of transferring the next tranche went to the police with a statement.

Smekhov assured that he received money for business consultations, especially since he himself had previously owned two firms - SlavStroyInvest and Region-Stroy. Both, however, were registered in his own apartment and, according the financial statements, did not carry out any active activities. In total during his business career before becoming a deputy, Smekhov was a participant or leader of 13 companies related to construction. One of them participated in the court proceedings in the Arbitrazh court in 2015: it seemed to the representatives of the company that the sports complex in Lahti was built on the basis of an illegally issued architectural and planning decision. The Arbitrazh court dismissed the claim of businessmen to the St. Petersburg authorities. But, perhaps, it was then that Smekhov had some connections "upstairs."

According to the publication, after the arrest Smekhov was offered to conclude a pre-trial agreement and to transfer the received sum to the representatives of the Arbitrazh Court, for which they promised mitigation of punishment and house arrest. However, the deputy refused the proposal. At the same time, operatives are aware of who is behind Smekhov, who acted only as an intermediary, and are waiting for him to return from vacation (as reported by Fontanka, we are talking about the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the city).

Alexander Smekhov became a municipal deputy in 2014. Those elections were held with numerous violations, which was recognized even in the Central Election Commission. His colleagues in the municipal entity Kupchino became persons loyal to head of the regional branch of the Molodaya Gvardia of United Russia Mikhail Cherepanov. The deputy did not show any political activity for two years. And in 2016 he became secretary of the branch of the spoiler party For Justice (Parzas) - a competitor of the Parnas Party.



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