Business acumen is in the genes: Moscow's police chief builds business a ‘small country’ on farm, his sons become dollar millionaires

Business acumen is in the genes: Moscow's police chief builds business a ‘small country’ on farm, his sons become dollar millionaires
Vladimir Pronin

Vladimir Pronin helmed the Moscow police from 2001 to 2009. During this time, his farm in the Kursk region has escalated into a ‘small country’.

Novaya Gazeta and Dozhd television channel published a joint investigation into the business of the family of the former Head of the Main Department of Internal Affairs (GUVD) of Moscow Vladimir Pronin. Pronin held this position from 2001 to 2009. After the buyers of the Moscow supermarket were shot by Major Denis Evsyukov, he was forced to step down and return to the Kursk region. While Pronin was working in Moscow, his farm in a small motherland has grown to the size comparable to a ‘small country’. The former wife of the younger son of General Ekaterina Pronina told reporters how all the property of the family of the ex-Head of the Moscow Head Office was registered in her name.

According to Pronina, who was married to the younger son of General Alexander from 2003 to 2009, conversations about the registration of assets in her name began even before the wedding. Pronina, by her own admission, signed documents on property, "without engaging in business."

As the authors of the investigation note, during the time that Vladimir Pronin was the Head of the capital's police, his sons became dollar millionaires and acquired a large number of real estate in Moscow. In particular, for the wedding of Alexander and Ekaterina, the parents gave the newlyweds a house on Rublyovka near the manors of the General himself and his elder son Valery. The former spouse of the younger son of the General said that on Rublyovka Vladimir Pronin owns a two-story house with a huge territory, a river, a pigeon house and a house for guests' guards.

In 2003, the Pronin brothers received the assets of businessman Sergey Pereverzev, who was killed in a hospital, where he was recovering from an accident. Then Pronins were under suspicion, as it was believed that they were the last that saw him before his death. According to Ekaterina Pronina, the brothers were frightened by what had happened. "They cried and crawled under the windowsills so that they could not be seen in the window," the ex-spouse of the general's son said. Vladimir Pronin was not in the capital at that time.

Pronins Jr. managed to jettison suspicion after testimony of the nurse appeared in the file, which said that after the visit of the brothers she saw an unknown man in Pereverzev's ward. The identity of the murderer has not yet been established. Pereverzev was considered a close friend of the Pronins. Following his death, some assets of the companies of the businessman fell to their lot. In particular, the Pronins received non-residential premises of the Furniture of Russia center on Volgogradsky Avenue in Moscow. Currently, they belong to the companies of the eldest son of the General Valery and his wife Larisa.

In 2005, the department for tax crimes of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Central Administrative District suspected company Real-Trade, owned by Larisa Pronina, of attempts to unreasonably recover VAT from the budget. During the audit it was revealed that Pronina received $2 million in cash from businessman Sergey Strizhko for the acquisition and repair of the premises on Volgogradsky Avenue. Criminal proceedings were denied.

During Vladimir Pronin's stint in the capital's Head Office, his sons managed to acquire several more expensive premises in the center of Moscow. In particular, Alexander Pronin owns an office on Nikitsky Boulevard, which used to be Arbat district’s local police officer station. Also, an unfinished house in Trifonovskaya Street was registered on him. The building was owned by the GUVD. Pronin Sr. handed it over to his son under the pretext of continuing construction. When asked how it turned out that the departmental building was in the ownership of his relative, the General replied that the building was a municipal property, and "like any citizen, he could take it."

In the Kursk region, Pronin owns several hundred hectares of land, on which there is a family manor, horse farm and hunting grounds. All property was registered with Ekaterina Pronina. According to the woman, the land was bought from local residents for a song. "They are alcoholics, when you give them a thousand rubles ($16.9), they are already happy," - said the former daughter-in-law of the General.

By 2011, the area of Pronin's farm in the Kursk region was 100 square kilometers. In 2015, the General registered the Kursk stud farm on him. He began to bring the first horses on his land back in 2004. Since then, five stables, a riding school and 500 hectares of pastures have appeared in the territory belonging to the General.

After the divorce from Alexander Pronin, the former daughter-in-law of the General handed the assets back to the Pronins. According to Rosreestr (Federal Agency for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography), now the General owns 972 hectares of agricultural land in the Kursk region. Local journalists consider him one of the most significant figures in the region. According to Pronin himself, he has the status of an honorary citizen of the region.

Currently, both Pronins Jr. have obtained European citizenship. The money earned in Russia, they invested in foreign assets. Alexander Pronin owns a construction business in Cyprus. He has the citizenship of this republic. Valery Pronin received a golden visa to Portugal and possesses an apartment worth 500 thousand euros in this country. The program of golden visas implies investing at least 1 million euros in the economy of Portugal. The main source of income of Valery Pronin is leasing out.

After separating from Alexander Pronin, Ekaterina forfeited the right to see their common child. According to her, two years ago the General's son "just stole" their daughter, warning that, thanks to his father's connections, she would not be able to win the right to see a child or any property through court. Currently, Alexander Pronin resides in Cyprus.

Ekaterina Pronina is trying to return her daughter through the Supreme Court. Her complaint will be considered in three months. She told the reporters that she had been contacted by representatives of the General's family with threats and demands to "forever forget" about schemes with real estate.



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