Bribes for release on parole: change in actors 

Bribes for release on parole: change in actors

The correctional camp No. 3 (IK-3) Federal Governmental Institution in Lgov, Kursk region, has long been in the focus of attention of human rights defenders, civic activists, and officials. This is not a common camp. It has been repeatedly mentioned in various chronicles, publications, and journalistic investigations. Beatings, torture, moral bullying, psychological pressure, and a desperate situation with release on parole have become the norm here.

It all started long ago, in the Soviet times, when the camp administration, the district prosecutor’s office, the police, and the court intertwined into one creature, contrasting itself with the criminal world, but actually turning into an octopus, which is many times more dangerous and carnivorous than the criminals themselves.

Any complaints about the jailers, prosecutors and prison guards are useless here. The territorial Investigative Committee has neither sent a single criminal case against the authorities for consideration on the merits. Instead, it joined those who have the power.


Until recently, the Lgov triumvirate was headed by a controversial person, Internal Service Colonel Yury Bushin. It was under his that the conveyor of breaking the human psyche and suppressing personality in the subordinate institution acquired those features that even now, after more than two years from the day the jailer remained unpunished, continue to prevail in the local officers of the Federal Penitentiary Service and other law enforcement agencies. It was Bushin who managed to organize the prison asset in such a way that quenching a particular prisoner was but a piece of cake.

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This is how one of the tough guys (Russian ‘blatnye’), who agreed to talk with The CrimeRussia editors and asked not to be named, described the situation.

“They could just beat you. A group beating. They could put your head in the toilet. They could put you in punitive confinement at the management’s whim. All this was disguised as official procedures. I, for one, understand them. We fought for our ways, and they fought for theirs. There is always such a confrontation. There is no point in saying anything, as we, prisoners, are no angels. But some of their methods crossed the line. For example, they would handcuff you to a radiator. Then they take off your pants. And then they get this guy touching you from behind with their ... They’d better just beat you. No matter what you do, it's useless. They would sometimes even get the job done. And prison guards would just stand there and laugh. It seemed like they enjoyed it.”

“Were these measures groundless?”

“Well, that depends. Everyone has their own idea of justice. But there is a limit, which a normal person would not cross.   Release on parole is out of question here. No one gets released even under such lite charges as swindling. They often find excuses, register various violations. They just wait for bribes.”

“And who is the mediator? We have touched on the subject before. The article was titled “Lgov Chicago. Million-dollar bribes transferred in steam house.” Nothing has changed since then?”

“I haven’t read it. Is it detailed?”

“We hope so. You can read it and we’ll meet again, what do you say?”

“Our interlocutor took the proposition. The new meeting was just as informative. For example, he told us that the information contained in the previous article is true. The situation has changed since then.”

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Prison Supervisor Aleksey Aleksandrovich Shatunov


The Prosecutor's car

When asked about Prison Supervisor Aleksey Aleksandrovich Shatunov, our source tried to evade the question and “speak in code.” It was clear that he did not want to talk about it and was afraid. Nevertheless, we understood the possible root of the problem. All we had to do was find sources of information, because for an outsider, it is impossible to understand the situation without detailed explanations. The correctional camp No. 3 (IK-3) Federal Governmental Institution was too deep in arbitrariness, traditions, and illegal connections.

During searches, we found our source. It turned out to be a man who was clearly interested in the subject.

His version is very intriguing and resembles truth. Especially since it is confirmed by facts. The source began by telling how, in his opinion, the history of prison lawlessness and the trade is release on parole began. Namely, it started with indifference. According to him, the medical care and impunity of prison staff result in people either dying like flies or becoming crippled. No one reacts to the patients’ complaints. For critical patients, all hope is for civilian medical facilities, where convicts are occasionally (in exchange for money) taken out for diagnosis and operations. In case of illness, nothing can help a prisoner. No one will give them treatment in exchange for bribes. Let us recall the death of infamous nationalist Pyotr Khomyakov in 2014 despite numerous complaints from his relatives and himself about the state of his health.

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Pyotr Khomyakov

To confirm our words, our interlocutor provided us with documents that clearly illustrate how executioners disguised as doctors cause serious harm to health and bring patients to death, realizing their impunity. The study of these documents, or rather, the decision of the court to compensate moral damages to a patient who has lost a lung through the fault of such fanatics, leads to such a conclusion. There is no point in repeating findings of the court. Those who are interested in it may read it. But the court’s conclusion, according to which the convict’s lung was removed due to inadequate medical care, is worth emphasizing.

Just like the resolutive part of the findings, according to which 100 thousand rubles ($1,569) were to be recovered in favor of citizen G. We are pleased with the fact that the truth is on the victim's side. However, the compensation is a kind of frustrating. Here is hoping that the judge, who made this decision, will receive as humiliating compensation when they lose any part of their body.

Nevertheless, the court decision is final. It is legal and grounded. Therefore, it can be recognized as evidence in a judicial proceeding under Art. 90 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Especially since “fake doctors” committed a crime, and it must be subjected to investigation.

However, according to a social activist, no one wants to investigate it. The situation is similar with Prosecutor Yury Kofanov, who have come into possession of a luxury car worth more than 2 million rubles ($31,385) and an 8-million-ruble ($125,541) country house. It is noteworthy that his official salary is 60 thousand ($941).

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Yury Kofanov


Yury Kofanov's house

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Yury Kofanov's car

It is also suspicious that he had received this property for mediation in solving issues of release on parole from convicts. In fact, he even gained some weight. Must be all those candies and other goods that bribe-givers gave him.

Another curious fact is that Yury Kofanov’s house is located not far from the official registration of fugitive thief in law Vitya Pan, which is, of course, a pure coincidence, but is still very symbolic.




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