“Bombs are falling ever closer”: net closing in around Primorye Рead

“Bombs are falling ever closer”: net closing in around Primorye Рead
Vladimir Miklushevsky

A series of arrests of people close to Vladimir Miklushevsky suggests that this way certain forces are trying to get closer to the Governor of the Primorsky region himself, or at least get through to him.

Last Saturday, it was reported about the detention of adviser to Primorye Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky, political consultant Ilya Spokoynov (also known as Mit'kin and Zeldovich) and his wife Marina Sviridova, the general director of a local broadcasting company Novaya Volna (New Wave). According to media reports, the business couple is suspected of swindling in the conduct of public procurement. However, later Spokoynov personally denied the information about his detention.

It should be noted that the adviser has been consulting Miklushevsky on political issues for several years. He also cooperates with Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia) party. In particular, according to Kommersant, he has recently become an adviser to Vice-Speaker of the State Duma and the party’s General Council Secretary Sergey Neverov on a voluntary basis. These data are presented on the official website of Admiral hockey club from Smolensk, the director of which is Spokoynov. Previously, he had also worked with various governors. Particularly, with the deceased Governor of the Altai region Mikhail Evdokimov and former Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Ilya Mikhalchuk. 

Before that, on Friday, one more person from the Governor’s immediate surroundings had been arrested, namely Head of the Primorye Union of Miners Aleksey Avershin. He became publicly known after the scandalous flight on a private helicopter Robinson R66 with Primorye Governor Miklushevsky. State Duma deputies from the Communist Party Sergey Obukhov and Valery Rashkin even asked the Prosecutor General's Office and the President’s Office for Combating Corruption to check whether the governor can legally use a private helicopter. Back then, Avershin said the helicopter belonged to him and he could lease it to everyone. The governor’s press service, in its turn, stated that the journey was paid using his personal funds.

In addition, vice-governors Oleg Ezhov and Sergey Sidorenko were arrested this year. The first is accused of corruption in the amount of 24.5 million rubles when paying for construction and installation work under a state contract. The second is charged with attempted swindling in the distribution of compensation among agricultural enterprises affected by flooding. The damage was estimated at 10 million rubles.

The rest of the Governor’s team members have decided not to wait until law enforces come after them, fleeing instead. For example, two more vice-governors – Aleksandr Los’ and Aleksandr Rolik – have transferred to the regional parliament. Vice-Governor Sergey Nekhaev has also left the regional Administration. 

According to Head of Osoboe Mnenie Center (Minority Report) Ekaterina Kurbangaleeva, the regional security forces may be defined as the side opposing Miklushevsky. It is also apparent that former Mayor of Vladivostok Vladimir Nikolaev, whose sister had become the Deputy of the State Duma, has got all excited. In addition, she said, Governor and Envoy of the Far East Yury Trutnev does neither support the Governor in question.

However, it seems that Miklushevsky has taken up the challenge and made a counter move on Sunday, stating that he would re-run for Governor in 2019. At the same time, as one of the participants of the reporting conference of Edinaya Rossiya's regional branch, during which the governor made this statement, told Kommersant, “Miklushevsky looks very upset... He must realize the bombs are falling closer.”



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