Bloody business: Deputy Prosecutor General’s wife was Tsapok’s gang partner 

Bloody business: Deputy Prosecutor General’s wife was Tsapok’s gang partner
Owners of the Greek Spa Hotel Artem Chaika and Olga Lopatina

It turned out that Olga Lopatina is not only a co-owner of the luxury Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel, but also is a business partner of wives of two bloody gang’s members.

The Novaya Gazeta revealed sensational details of the biography of Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Gennady Lopatin’s wife, whom he divorced in order to conceal real family’s income and to cover their foreign business. It turned out that Olga Lopatina is not only a co-owner of the luxury Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel, but also is a business partner of wives of two members of the bloody Tsapok’s gang.


It worth remembering that Olga Lopatina has sparked interest of the CrimeRussia in the context of an ongoing conflict between the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General's Office. Yuri Chaika’s Deputy Gennady Lopatin played a key role in the conflict. This man by a competent staff reshuffle has managed to take control under the entire Moscow Region and to concentrate in his hands tools of influence on local businesses and officials. Then the CrimeRussia wondered how "clean" the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, and found out that the official in order to conceal the real family’s income divorced his wife Olga, who is the real owner of Gennady Lopatin’s assets. Particularly, his foreign property.

It is fashionable Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel, which was acquired by Olga Lopatina together with businessman Artem Chaika for 25 million euros. In addition to the "successful businesswoman" topic, the Novaya Gazeta has found out that before opening of the hotel, the Greek media published information that Chaika and Lopatina had acquired the hotel through Greek company Portes Melathron: Chaika owned 54.65% of the company, and Lopatina - 45, 35%. Six months ago, the same company in the person of Artem Chaika acquired another hotel, which has less stars, the Potidea Palace Hotel located in Halkidiki for 14 million euro.

In addition to the high-priced acquisitions, private villas of Chaika and Lopatina are located not far from them. According to the documents of the real estate registry, ex-wife of the Deputy Prosecutor General owns land area of 11.2 thousand sq. m. Olga Lopatina acquired the land and the house for 966 thousand euro in 2012. By this time, information about Gennady Lopatin’s wife was absent in his declaration: the couple prudently issued divorce, when the Federal Law "On combating corruption" had been amended. Although, as we have found out, in spite of the "divorce", the Lopatins actively communicate in social networks, and jointly own a 4-room apartment on Tsvetnoy Bulevard, which worth 100 million rubles and was purchased in 2009. In addition, in the contract for the purchase of the land and the house in Greece Lopatina pointed her Moscow address, where she was registered with the Deputy Prosecutor General. In the same contract, Lopatina pointed she was a housewife. In 2011, Lopatin took a separate line in the income declaration for his ex-wife and pointed that he earned 1.5 million rubles that year. Information on his wife Olga, a housewife, was "zero".

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Origin of a significant sum of money, which Olga Lopatina has spent on expensive real estate, lies in little-known business experience of the former wife of the Deputy Prosecutor General.

Spicy fact in Olga Lopatina’s business biography is a partnership with wives of members of notorious Tsapok’s Kushchevskaya gang - Angela Tsapok and Natalia Tsepovyaz, as well as Nadezhda Staroverova, a wife of executive secretary of the Prosecutor General's Office, who was suspected of connection with the GTA gang and was dismissed from his office due to a scandal personally by Yuri Chaika. 

In September 2008, Angela Tsapok and Natalia Tsepovyaz, wifes of active members of the gang Sergei Tsapok and Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, run sugar business and acquired 25% of the LLC Sahar Kubani. The other half of the company was owned by the LLC Arline, through which Lopatina and Staroverova joined to Tsapok’s business women.

In late 2009, Olga Lopatina became a CEO of the LLC Arline, registered in 2007, which at that time has already owned half of the LLC Sahar Kubani. A week later, Lopatina together with Nadezhda Staroverova acquired 50% of the company per person.

The LLC Sahar Kubani was located in the same building with the production farm LLC Slava Kubani, one of the largest enterprises of the Tsapok’s group, which was owned by Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz through his wife, also a director of the company.

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According to Federal Law №129-FZ, the LLC Sahar Kubani was recognized as a company ceased its operations and was excluded from the register of legal entities, as the company did not provide any documents or statements and did not carry out transactions on its bank accounts during the year. Yet the LLC Arline continues to exist.

Thus, Olga Lopatina’s connection with two criminal groups, which have been acting on the territory of Russia for several years, compromises the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Gennady Lopatin, first of all, as a representative of the law. Lopatin made every effort to ensure that his wife continued to run the business, even if related to organized crime, and deliberately concealed this information from his superiors. This explains Deputy Prosecutor General’s treacherous maneuvers between the two agencies.

Press release for the Greek media about the Portes Melathron Company    


Video: Deputy Prosecutor’s General’s wife was a partner of the Tsapok’s group.


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