Did Black realtors from Moscow Criminal Intelligence hide behind Nikandrov for bribes in the form of apartments?

Did Black realtors from Moscow Criminal Intelligence hide behind Nikandrov for bribes in the form of apartments?

The investigators have found a connection between the two high-profile cases, while checking the activities of the detainee general of the Russian Investigative Committee Denis Nikandrov.

The detained first Deputy Head of the IC RF Main Directorate in Moscow Denis Nikandrov received bribes in the form of apartments for the protection of a gang of black realtors, which included employees of the Moscow Criminal Intelligence Anti-Fraud Department in real estate sphere. According to Life’s source, one of the defendants in the case had testified against all participants in the criminal scheme, including the patrons. The FSB investigators discovered at least two apartments in SEAD of Moscow belonging to Nikandrov, origins of which are suspicious. They could be obtained from the black realtors for the investigators inferior to Nikandrov to turn a blind eye to the killing and disappearance of home owners.

It is to be recalled that in May 2016, the FSB officers detained a senior security officer of the 13th Division of the Moscow Criminal Intelligence Vladimir Hramtsov on suspicion of fraud with apartments in the capital. According to investigators, the MIA Colonel Hramtsov involved in the fight against fraud in real estate, participated in an organized criminal group, which consisted of the Moscow district police officers, some investigators and operatives. They would find single antisocial Muscovites, who owned an apartment, forge documents, re-registered the housing on shell owners and then sold it at the market price and divided the money between the gang members. The owners of the apartments were found in dormitories in other regions of Russia or killed.

Often times, the victims of the gang were alcoholics or lonely Muscovites, who live in Lublino and Marino areas and other parts of SEAD.

The person of interest, who began cooperating with the investigators, told them that the high-ranking security officials were given the apartments for protection. Among others, he also called the name of the Investigator - General Denis Nikandrov. Allegedly, he also received an apartment for the service provided for the gang.

According to Life, in 2009, Nikandrov got an apartment on Bataisk Passage and the former owner of the apartment later was found dead in the woods. In addition, one member of the Nikandrov’s family has an apartment on the Volgogradsky Avenue. He himself is registered in it, but his neighbours have never seen him there. The previous owner of the apartment is missing under mysterious circumstances.

Now, the FSB investigators figure out how to the deals with the suspicious apartments were pulled off. Nikandrov may face new charges.

It is to be recalled that Nikandrov, as well as the Head of the IC RF Main Directorate of inter-agency cooperation and private security Mikhail Maksimenko and his Deputy Alexander Lamonov were detained in connection with receiving a bribe in amount of 1 million dollars from the kingpin Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) for help in the release the mafia boss Andrey Kochuykov (Italian) from jail. The criminal bosses were also detained on charges of extortion of 8 million rubles from the owner of the restaurant Elements Joanna Kim in December 2015.

At this, according to the investigators, in the bribery case, the key figure was Maksimenko, as he had more influence than some of his superior colleagues.

Previously, Denis Nikandrov was also suspected of involvement in the collapse of the case against the leaders of the Moscow Metro Yuri Dyagterev and Alexey Kharitonov. Now, the investigators are checking all the criminal cases which could have a hand of General Nikandrov.



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