Bilalov who fled Russia to be deported from USA

Bilalov who fled Russia to be deported from USA

The disgraced ex-official violated immigration law.

The ex-head of the North Caucasus Resorts and former vice president of the Russian Olympic Committee, Akhmed Bilalov, will be deported from the United States due to violations of immigration law, since the fugitive Russian entered the country on a non-immigrant visa and did not leave before the deadline, TASS reports. 

Bilalov was arrested on October 22 at his home in Florida. He faces an immigration court hearing.

The native of Dagestan left Russia in March 2013 with his brother Magomed. The Russian MIA initiated criminal cases against them. Akhmed Bilalov was accused of embezzlement of more than 3 million rubles ($ 47,500) from the budget for a trip to the Olympic Games in London. Magomed Bilalov was charged with causing damage to a creditor, Sberbank, during the construction of the Mountain Carousel Olympic resort.

Akhmed Bilalov lost both of the previously named posts after he Russian President Vladimir Putin sounded dissatisfaction due to a disruption in meeting the deadline for ski-jumping trampoline.

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