Belykh on his criminal case: “It is not about politics”

Belykh on his criminal case: “It is not about politics”
The Kirov Region governor Nikita Belykh

The Kirov governor denied political component of his arrest.

The Kirov Region governor Nikita Belykh said that his criminal case was not politically motivated. According to him, he is not a leader of the opposition, so his case cannot be connected to his activity in the past.

"I am a government official, elected as a governor of the Kirov Region", - said Nikita Belykh, in his interview with The New Times. Also he noted that he would like to maintain the post of a governor, and not to engage in opposition activities. To remember: in 2008, Belykh was one of the founders of the Solidarnost movement, together with Boris Nemtsov, Garry Kasparov and Ilya Yashin. Also he was a leader of the Souz Pravykh Sil party (SPS). Later, by the proposal of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev he became governor of the Kirov Region in 2009. And after 5 years of his service, he won elections and stayed for the second term. Answering the question whether he believed that being an opposition leader, he would be more effectively protected against the system attacks, Nikita Belykh said: "This is not about politics."

To remind: governor Nikita Belykh was detained on 24 of June 2016, when taking a bribe of 400 thousand euros. According to the investigation, it was a third tranche of the bribe. The governor received the money for protection of companies JSC Novovyatskiy Lizhny Combinat (Novovyatskiy Ski Factory) and OOO Lesohozyaistvennaya Upravlyaushaya Companiya  (Forest management company) during implementation of investment projects.

Earlier, an entrepreneur, personally acquainted with the governor, made an assumption that Belykh could be set up by his former partner Albert Laritsky. The former owner of the company has spent a year in a detention center, and possibly made a deal with the investigation and set Belykh up.




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