Bastrykin suspected courts of Tatarstan in preconception

Bastrykin suspected courts of Tatarstan in preconception
Aleksandr Bastrykin

The Head of the ICR requested the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to remove consideration of the case of Tatarstan police in another region.

In the appeal to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Aleksander Bastrykin, pointing to the preconception of Tatarstan courts, asked to assist in the positive solving of this issue. Previously, with an application for examination of the case in Moscow the General Prosecutor's Office acted.

Policemen are accused of the kidnapping a citizen of Kazakhstan in 2005 and the fabrication against him a case of smuggling and selling drugs. According to Kommersant, investigators believed that police officers, while being in Kazakh city Kostanay in the guise of operational and investigative activities acquired a large part of hashish and, seized a local resident Sumbat Oganov, took him to the territory of Russia - in Naberezhnye Chelny, where they initiated a criminal case against him. The court sentenced him to 13 years in prison. Later, the sentence of Oganov was canceled and he was released at the end of last year. In addition, the Vahitovskij District Court decided to pay Oganov 500 thousand rubles for the illegal criminal prosecution.

The fact of the illegal actions of police turned out during the investigation of another case. In particular, with the help of plant drugs the investigation was conducted by the police Chief of Kazan Ruslan Halimdarov with colleagues. Now, in addition to him, the accused are former and current employees of the Interior Ministry of Tatarstan Rashid Shaydullin, Valery Kovylin, Anatoly Khodko and the ex-employee of the central apparatus of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation Vladimir Yegorov.

August 30th the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court will have to consider the appeal of the Prosecutor General, which previously did not agree with the decision of the local court, which dismissed the application for examination of the case in Tatarstan.

Bastrykin suspected courts of Tatarstan in the preconception. The Head of the ICR said, it is all about the extensive connections of the accused with the highest state authorities, as well as law enforcement and judicial authorities of the republic. At the same time the lawyer of one of the accused Airat Hikmatullin accused Bastrykin of violating the Code of the Criminal Procedure. According to him, the Head of the ICR, being not a party in this process, by his appeal is trying to put pressure on the judicial system and calls into question its independence.

In turn, a source of Kommersant in the security officials said that Bastrykin, referring to the SC RF, was based on operational data, indicating the possibility of corrupt ties of defendants in the case with representatives of Tatarstan courts. In particular, in the course of telephone wiretaps, the FSB found that the lawyer, associated with the police case, has contact with the judge, which allows him to decide on sentencing of one of the defendant drug dealer.



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