Barnaul ex-Mayor gets 4-year probation for land fraud

Barnaul ex-Mayor gets 4-year probation for land fraud
Igor Savintsev pleads not guilty

Igor Savintsev sold a few land plots worth 60 million rubles ($1m) to his family members at a reduced price.

Barnaul ex-Mayor Igor Savintsev has been found guilty of malfeasance. The Barnaul Central District Court sentenced him to a 4-year probation on March 24.

According to Interfax-Siberia, Savintsev was charged with Exceeding his Official Powers and Attempted Misappropriation and Embezzlement of entrusted property on an especially large scale (part 2 of Art. 286; part 3 of Art. 30; part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code). He pleads not guilty, however.

The court also obliged the former mayor to reimburse over 300 thousand rubles ($5.200) of legal costs.

The court established that Savintsev used information on the city land for his own purposes between August 2009 and April 2013, while in the mayor’s office.

A number of organizations were willing to rent the 5 land plots worth over 60 million rubles, but they became property of Savintsev’s organizations and family members at a lower price and violating the legally established procedure. The estimated damage to the city budget amounted to 17 million rubles ($300.000).

The criminal case against Igor Savintsev was initiated in June 2015. The investigation lasted for about a year. Over 300 witnesses have been questioned, over 50 searches and document seizures have been carried out, and over 20 forensic examinations have been conducted. Savintsev’s property worth 350.000 rubles was seized while he was under the house arrest.

We should mention that Maksim Savintsev, the son of the former mayor, was sentenced to 6 years in a general-regime penal colony and a fine of 500.000 rubles ($8.600) in November 2016, for fraud. There are no links between the criminal cases of the father and the son.



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