Balashikha police officers caught on selling licenses to 167 drivers 

Balashikha police officers caught on selling licenses to 167 drivers
Photo: A still from the video

Security officers issued driving licenses, including to foreigners.

Traffic police officers from Balashikha were detained for selling driver's licenses, including to foreigners who did not pass the exam, reports with reference to the spokesperson of the regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee, Olga Vradiy.

She clarified that, since March 2018, the police have been fictitiously taking exams from migrants for monetary remuneration or at the direction of their superiors. An operative video from surveillance cameras was published on the YouTube channel of the ICR.

The footage shows examinations of candidates for drivers in the building of the traffic police. The traffic police officers themselves answered the questions of the computer program in advance instead of them.

According to the investigation, in total, 167 people bought the license. Many of them worked as taxi drivers. Now their driver's licenses will be annulled.

Two units of the traffic police were searched, three police officers were placed under house arrest. They are charged with abuse of official powers.

The department clarified that a service check has begun. In addition, their immediate superiors will be brought to strict disciplinary responsibility.

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